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Enrolment and re-enrolment

Enrolment and re-enrolment

One of the first steps to becoming a student at Buckinghamshire New University (BNU), or returning to BNU, is to complete your online enrolment before you start your course. 

Once your student record is set to allow you to enrol or re-enrol, you will receive an email with instructions and guidance on how to complete this short task – you might have already received this so check your inbox. Once you receive this email you should enrol as soon as possible so we know to set up your access to all the systems you will need. 

It should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete this process.

  • Set up a username, password and Multifactor Authentication by following these instructions.
  • Then access the enrolment form through our BNU Connect system.
  • If you run in to any difficulty, we have a set of handy instructions in an Enrolment User Guide at the bottom of this page. 

Please note: the enrolment task will only be available to you for a limited time. Once you have submitted the enrolment form you will receive an email confirming successful submission of the enrolment form. You can check on the form summary if the status is listed as SUBMITTED. 

What is Enrolment?

Enrolment is a two-stage process to register as an official BNU student. Enrolling at the right time is important as it unlocks things like your course timetable and student funding.  If you are a returning student, you only participate in Stage 1.

  • Stage 1: Online enrolment (before you arrive)
  • Stage 2: New Students only - in-person enrolment (when you arrive for those attending BNU campuses for classes)

Please note: if you have a conditional offer, you will only be sent the instructions once your results have been received and your place has been confirmed. 

Why enrol?

Completing online enrolment (before you arrive) will give you access to your course timetable which means you can start planning! It also means we can start getting your University systems access in place and if your Student Finance has been approved, you should receive your first Student Finance maintenance loan on the date specified on the payment schedule letter.

If you are eligible for Student Finance and have not yet applied for it, whether you are a new or returning student, you should apply as soon as possible. Applications can take 6 to 8 weeks to process so your first maintenance loan payment may be delayed. New students can find out about eligibility and how to apply here: Returning students should apply through their existing Student Finance accounts.

Please note: course timetables will be published as soon as they are ready, and due to the pandemic, these are carefully being considered for your safety so please bear with us. We will let you know as soon as they are ready. 

Completing in-person enrolment (when you arrive for Welcome Week) means: 

  • Your student funding will be released 3-5 working days after BNU confirms to Student Finance that you have enrolled.  
  • You will receive your BNU ID card which is your library card and swipe-access card to get around the University. 
  • If you are living in private accommodation, you can apply for a council tax exemption certificate (full-time students only). 

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How to enrol
Stage 1: Online enrolment

Online enrolment will open in July and you will receive an email with full instructions on how to enrol through BNU Connect between 24 to 48 hours after your student record has been updated or your place has been confirmed.

All students need to complete the following:

  • Confirm/update your enrolment record details 
  • Upload a copy of your valid passport – the page of your passport that contains your photograph, full name, date of birth, issue/expiry date (often referred to as the 'biometric page'). The following formats are accepted – JPEG, Adobe PDF or Microsoft documents saved as a .docx or .xlsx format. Please see section in Stage 2 enrolment below for other forms of proof of identity that can be used. 
  • Upload sponsorship letter – confirming payment of fees, including:
    • Purchase Order Form from your Sponsor (not SLC documentation)
    • Completed Sponsorship Form, available here, signed letter from the sponsor, see here for details of what this should contain or Military CAN letter. The following formats are accepted – JPEG, Adobe PDF or Microsoft documents saved as a .docx or .xlsx format.
  • New Students only - Upload a photo for your BNU ID Card - the photo must show your full face, without any covering (unless for religious or medical reasons).  The following formats are accepted for ID photos – JPEG, PNG, BMG, GIF or Microsoft documents saved as a .docx. 

Please note: Partner students will need to check with your Partner Institution if you will receive a BNU ID Card. 

EU Students 

As of September 2021, all EU students (including EEA & Swiss but not Irish citizens or those with Indefinite Leave to remain or enter) will need to have either Settled or Pre-settled status in order to be allowed to enrol.

You will be required to submit your Settlement Reference Number, provide a Share Verification Code as well as upload your Settlement Status Letter.

If you do not have this, you will be considered as an International student (see below). Please see Advice and Guidance for EU students

    International Students - additional steps:

    If you're an international student coming to study in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, you'll also need to: 

    • Ensure your bank account has sufficient funds - your bank statement should not be more than 31 days old when you apply for your visa application and should show that the required amount of money has been in the bank account for at least 28 consecutive days. 
    • Pay your deposit – if you have not already done so. Any delay will impact your CAS being issued. This can be paid online or via a bank transfer.


    Barclays Bank BNU Direct Account Sort Code: 20-40-89 Account Number: 90344443
    IBAN GB12BARC20408990344443


    Stage 2: In-person enrolment

    Stage 2 enrolment will take place on your BNU campus. You will be notified when this will occur so please ensure your contact details - postal and email - are up-to-date on when completing your enrolment process. 

    International students requiring Tier 4 visas will be contacted by the Compliance Team directly.

    All students 

    You will need to have: 

    • full name of your course
    • your BNU Student ID number
    • original proof of identity (see below) 

    UK nationals - original proof of identity 

    • Your valid UK passport (if you don't have a valid UK passport, you must bring with you your UK birth/adoption certificate and proof of your National Insurance Number). 
    • Proof of your name change if not reflected in the above documentation, for e.g. Marriage Certificate. 

    Non-UK nationals - original proof of identity 

    • You must provide the original valid passport that you may have uploaded as part of stage 1 online enrolment process earlier (if the Home Office is holding this, an official Home Office letter may be acceptable instead), your Biometric Residence Permit or your visa. 
    • EU or EEA Nationals can provide their EU or EEA National Identity Card as well as bring in proof of your Settled or Pre-settled status. 

    Tuition fee payment

    In order to complete your Stage 2 enrolment you will need to have met the financial requirements for funding your tuition fees. These will differ depending on your fee status, level of study and how you intend to pay. Please check Fee, Liability and Instalment Dates, to find out what you need to do to avoid your enrolment being delayed.

    International students

    If you are an international student, you will also need to bring:

    Sponsored students

    If you are sponsored student (e.g. your tuition fees will be paid for by an employer) you will also need to bring the below if not uploaded as part of your stage one enrolment task: 

    • a copy of your sponsor letter or sponsor's purchase order (quoting your BNU ID number) 
    Studying at a partner institution/college?

    If you are studying a BNU course at a partner institution in a different location, the enrolment process is slightly different. 

    • Stage 1: Online enrolment 

    You will need to complete Stage 1 enrolment in the same way as students taught at a BNU campus (see above). 

    • Stage 2: In-person enrolment 

    Stage 2 enrolment will take place at your place of study and they will contact you with all the information you need. 

    EU students with Settled/Pre-Settled Status will have to provide these details to their Partner Institution for verification as well.

    Need more help?

    If you have any questions about Stage 1: Online enrolment or Stage 2: In-person enrolment, please email  

    Please ensure you quote your BNU 8 Digit ID number in any correspondence to the University.

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