Policies and Strategies

Policies and Strategies


Thrive 28

Thrive 28 builds on the University’s Impact 2022 strategy, delivering our mission of transforming lives through inspiring, employment and profession-focused education, and enabling people to positively impact society and their future.  

Our long-term strategic vision is for BNU to become a University that is:

  • highly connected 
  • permeable 
  • student- and customer-focus 
  • business-oriented 
  • strategically aligned 
  • impactful and  
  • aligned to strategic partners.  

Thrive 28 is designed to ensure the University’s relationship with its customers is thriving, that its product base is thriving, that its people thrive, and that its environment thrives, and will make effective, substantial and lasting change to ensure this happens.

If you are a BNU employee and are looking for a HR-related Policy, please visit BEN, BNU's intranet, where HR policies are listed in full.