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James Travell – BA (Hons) Textile Design

James Travell – BA (Hons) Textile Design

James Travell

My final project was entitled “Clair-Obscur”. The project explored the idea of contrast within knitted and woven fabrics, through contrasting textures and fabric opacity. This is inspired by “Chiaroscuro” which is the artistic term for the contrast between light and dark within paintings.

What was your inspiration?

I have always loved art, and I had previously only done art before I started textiles. Over the summer I had visited Le Musée du Louvre and found the Baroque painting to be so inspiring and delving into further research I had found context to connect the imagery into textile design.

Explain what made you pick Buckinghamshire New University to study?

I knew that the University was becoming acknowledged for its fashion and textiles department. I also live reasonably local, so it was just an ideal fit.

Tell us about your ‘best bits’ at BNU?

Just learning about the industry and being inducted onto how to use the equipment. I have learned and developed my skills in knitting far beyond I could have imagined. It’s very rewarding to have a skill in a technique that a bit niche. Also, have the opportunity to do live industry briefs. Those were very enjoyable.

What have you found most challenging during your studies?

Obviously, there was the pandemic that started in my first year and throughout my second year, this meant as creatives, our sources were limited to what we could make when we were away from the studio.

What has been the most surprising part of your course?

The quality of teaching. The tutors were incredible for the three years I have been at BNU. It really changes the experience by having teaching staff that truly enjoy what they do, which I feel a lot of universities are unable to offer.

How do you think BNU has prepared you for the world of work?

Our teaching staff encourage us to take part in competitions and interview processes for rewards, which is helpful for our resume. A module doing in-depth research into the career paths which allowed us to understand the requirements of jobs was so useful too.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing their degree at BNU and why?

That BNU, yet a small University offers so much. The teaching staff for selected courses (such as Textile Design) go above and beyond for their students and offer so much support and opportunities alongside your studies. 

What’s the dream after Uni?

Obviously to work within the industry. But now I hope to build some experience and test the waters to what I like, then maybe a master’s degree.