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Welcome page for new students

Everything you need to know about starting at BNU

We are really looking forward to you joining us and want to make sure you get the best start at BNU.

We’ve got exciting plans for your Welcome Week to help you settle in, find out everything you need to know about BNU, meet new friends and access support services.

So you can get ready, we’ve put together everything you’ll need to know before joining us, including what you need to do before you get here and what to expect when you arrive.

Your individual course joining instructions are available to download now on the link below. But you should follow our New Student checklist to make sure you have completed everything else ready to start your course.

April 2023

Group of students sitting at the table at Brook Street accommodation in High Wycombe campus
Joining instructions
Student working on computer with paperwork around him.
Online enrolment
Female student typing on laptop studying
IT services
Two female students chatting in bedroom at Brook Street accommodation
Large group of students dancing in a nightclub at students' union
Students' Union
Lecturer and students talking at a table in one of the study rooms in the Library
Student support and advice
Three BNU students sat at a table sat next to one another taking notes on paper
Preparing for academic success
Two male students reading at the library
BNU Library guide and app
White piggy bank
Fees and Funding options
Would Map
Info for International Students
Four female students walking outside Gateway building at High Wycombe campus
Chat to students and staff
Have you completed your New Student checklist?

The New Student checklist has everything you need to know from MyBNU, to ID cards and timetables, libraries and bursaries and technology. It's a great way for you to check you have everything you need to kick-start your journey at BNU.