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Making a positive impact

Making a positive impact

We’re proud to train the nurses; operating department practitioners; social workers and police officers of the future, many of whom choose to stay on and work in the local area after graduation.  

All our graduates make a difference in the real world through their significant contribution to sectors and industries including design; music and film; sport; business and law; and aviation. Applying knowledge in authentic work-related scenarios is a hallmark of every course at Buckinghamshire New University (BNU). From day one, we encourage our students to focus on their future careers and to take advantage of the many opportunities to bolster their job prospects while they study. In partnership with Bucks Students’ Union, we do everything we can to ensure our students are well prepared to stand out in the highly competitive employment market when they graduate. It’s why BNU graduates go on to be successful in their chosen careers, and we’re so proud of all that they achieve.  


The volunteering opportunities offered by Bucks Students’ Union are just another thing that makes Buckinghamshire New University stand out. Every year, members of the Students’ Union volunteer their time in both the local community and within the university to help with a wide variety of projects and charities such as Wycombe Homeless Connections, the Chiltern Rangers and Child Bereavement. 

As part of our civic commitment and ‘Thrive 2023’ strategy, we are committed to supporting our local communities in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Uxbridge, and continue to build relationships and facilitate new partnerships with local employers and organisations. We support and encourage our students’ and employees’ involvement in the community and each year, we offer a total of 2000 days paid leave for employee volunteering. 


We’ve always taken our environmental responsibilities seriously and we’re committed to building on our achievements because we know that sustainability is as important to our students and stakeholders as it is to our people.  

In February 2020, we signed the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Accord and have committed to publicly sharing our submissions to the UN. We continue to provide transparency around our progress against the 17 SDGs which span climate change, reducing inequalities, promoting economic growth, providing quality education and tackling poverty. We’re very proud of all that our University community has already done to make a positive impact locally, nationally and globally.

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