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In Year Retrieval

In Year Retrieval

What is the In-Year Retrieval Attempt scheme?

The In-Year Retrieval Attempt scheme (IYRA) gives Foundation Year and Level 4 students an opportunity to have another attempt where their first submission did not achieve a pass mark without having to wait for the reassessment period.

To help you we have put together the following Frequently Asked Questions:

In order to take part in the IYRA scheme you must:

  • be in Semester 1, Term 1 or Term 2 of your Foundation Year or Level 4
  • have submitted an assessment and received a mark below 40%

If you did not submit the assessment at the first opportunity, then you cannot take part in IYRA. This is because as part of IYRA you will be expected to build on the feedback you get for your first attempt – if you haven’t submitted, then you won’t have any feedback. (Some assessments cannot be included due to operational reasons – see below)

Yes, students repeating Foundation Year or Level 4 modules / years are eligible for IYRA.

Yes, students at Partners are eligible for IYRA as long as they meet the criteria.

While most Semester 1, Term 1 and Term 2 Foundation Year and Level 4 assessment should be included, there will be occasions where the original assessment cannot be re-run. This may be where it is not practical to repeat an assessment, for example a group performance or practical group work, or where there are Professional Body requirements which would prevent early retrieval.

If you have submitted an assessment and have received a mark below 40%, look out for an announcement on Blackboard for electronic submissions. Module Tutors will also contact students where other assessment methods are used. This will normally be at the point when marks and feedback are released.

Normally you will be asked to revise or re-work your original assessment using the feedback provided to guide you. You must consider your feedback carefully and act upon the advice given. If you are still unclear about what you need to do to improve your submission, you should speak to the Module Tutor. You will be given 15 working days to submit your retrieval work.

No, the scheme is not compulsory. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use IYRA or wait for the reassessment period. In making your decision you need to think about:

  • your overall workload – do you have time to work on retrieval assessments and still keep up with your other modules?
  • the mark you received for the element and how much it contributes to the overall module mark

If you don’t use the IYRA you will still be able to have your full entitlement of reassessment opportunities following the Board of Examiners. If you are uncertain, you should discuss this with your Module Tutor or your Personal Tutor.

No, you don’t need to tell anyone. You simply need to submit your retrieval assessment by the IYRA deadline using the retrieval submission arrangements you have been given.

No. As it is your choice to take the retrieval attempt, Mitigating Circumstances cannot be claimed for the IYRA submission points, nor can an extension be given.

No, the late submission period does not apply to IYRA assessments. Any submissions after the deadline will not be marked.

No, IYRA can only be used where you have submitted work but not achieved a pass mark of 40% for an assessment. It cannot be used to improve marks of 40% and above.

No. Students cannot submit work under IYRA if they are under investigation for Academic Misconduct.

Yes, IYRA marks will be capped at 40% where the work is passed, unless you have had a Mitigating Circumstances claim accepted for the original submission date in which case you will be given the full mark.

If you get a lower IYRA mark than that for your first attempt, the higher mark will be used towards the overall module mark.

Yes, you will receive a mark and some additional feedback to your original submission.

Marks are confirmed by a Board of Examiners at the end of your year. You can submit an academic appeal against decisions reached by an Exam Board but it must be based on the grounds as outlined on our Results page.

Failure to take a retrieval attempt due to personal mitigating circumstances will not be counted as a relevant ground for appeal against an IYRA result, as mitigating circumstances can’t be considered for IYRA.

Please contact the Student Learning and Achievement (SLA) for additional assessment support.