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Group Exercise

Group Exercise

Group Exercise at the Gateway Gym – Putting the Fun into Fitness

Group Exercise at the Gateway Gym has always been a much-loved part of our membership offer with many members using it as the focus of their weekly exercise routines. From yoga to group cycling, Zumba to Pilates and many more classes in between, our group exercise programme has something for everyone. In addition to the many health benefits associated with regular physical activity, we encourage group exercise as a method of training for the following additional reasons.

A Motivation Booster: ‘A lack of motivation’ is often given as a reason why people struggle to maintain their exercise habit. Our friendly expert group exercise coaches deliver sessions for all abilities and encourage everyone throughout. The sense of achievement you’ll experience at the end will be all the motivation you need to get you booking again and again.

Meeting people: There’s something very powerful about a shared exercise experience and friendships formed in a class may extend beyond the studio doors. Committing to a class with others on a regular basis can help foster a sense of accountability for each other and a feeling of being part of a group effort.

Structured workouts: Sometimes it’s nice to have a workout that you don’t have to think about or plan for. Our group exercise programme offers a variety of time-framed, fun and effective classes and our instructors are experts at knowing how and when to encourage you to leave your comfort zone and safely push you a little bit harder than you might do on your own. All you need to do is book your space, turn up and join in.

Variety is the Spice: Classes focus on the main themes of cardio/endurance, strength/tone and mind/body and so you can choose your classes according to what you want to work on. Click the links to our group exercise timetable and session descriptions below to see which sessions you’d like to try.

You can view our Group Exercise Timetable as well as our Session Descriptions.

Booking classes online
  1. Make sure you know your unique login details (contact the Fitness Team to get these)
  2. Visit our Booking Page
  3. Classes can be booked up to 6 days in advance
  4. You can also book these sessions in person at the Gateway Gym or Reception.

If you have any questions, please do contact us on 01494 601 602 or fitness@bnu.ac.uk