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Integrated Master's Degrees

Integrated Master's Degrees

If you’re unsure of the difference, or you’re still considering which the best option for you is, here’s our guide to choosing between a bachelor’s (BSc/BA) and an integrated master's (MSci/MArt) degree.


MSci/MArt or BSc/BA What's the difference?

An MSci/MArt provides you with the opportunity to combine both a BSc/BA and master’s (MSc/MA) degree into one integrated package. You’ll study all of the aspects of your BSc/BA course, with an additional fourth year of study, where you will receive an MSc/MA degree.

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What are the benefits of a MSci/MArt


Be the best!

Master’s level degrees helps you stand out in the graduate job market. Employers in the science sector are always looking for talented employees. Our MSci/MArt courses focus on providing you with in-depth knowledge whilst developing your practical and professional skills. On completion you’ll have more options open to you.

Better employability and career prospects

The fourth year of the MSci/MArt course focuses on employability! You’ll have the opportunity to develop both your professional and practical skills and work on research projects and live briefs – helping to give you greater competitive advantage when looking for graduate jobs.


If you applied to study on a standard undergraduate course, you can still apply to transfer to the integrated master's degree during your third year and graduate after 4 years with an MSci/MArt. You’ll still have the option of leaving the course after three years with a bachelor’s degree.

Access to Student loans

An integrated master’s degree is funded exactly the same way as you fund your undergraduate course – through the Government’s student loans and maintenance grants. You’ll qualify for undergraduate funding for all four years.

For example: £9,250 + up to £12k maintenance loan. With a standalone master’s degree, the funding available is £10k to cover both fees and living costs.

For details of the financial support available on both our bachelor and integrated master’s programmes, visit our financial support pages.

What are my options?

Some of our courses offer you an integrated master’s option. You’ll find plenty of information on the master’s level course content on our course pages.

If you’re not yet sure whether the BSc/BA or MSci/MArt is right for you, don’t worry – you can change between courses at the end of your second year and finish at BSc/BA level.

What MSci/MArt courses can you study at BNU?

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