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After they apply

After they apply

Once your son or daughter has submitted their university applications, they can keep up to date on their applications through the UCAS Track system.

One of our admissions officers will be in touch in plenty of time if there’s anything we need, such as arranging an interview or sending in a portfolio of work.


Once they’ve made their applications, they should start getting responses back.

For each course they applied for, they’ll either receive:

  • an unconditional offer (U), which means they don’t have to meet any conditions, and definitely have a place
  • a conditional offer (C), where they have to meet certain conditions to get onto the course such as specific A Level grades
  • an unsuccessful response (R).
Replying to offers

Students have until the start of May to reply to their offers through UCAS Track. They need to decide on their first choice, and their second/insurance choice (in case they don’t get the grades for their first choice). They can also decline any offers they don’t want.

No offers?

If they don’t receive any offers, or decide they don’t want to take up any they receive, there’s a second chance to apply through UCAS Extra. If they haven’t used up their five choices on their application already, they can use this route to apply to any universities with vacancies between February and early July.


By the summer, if they still haven’t been offered a place, they’ve changed their mind about what they want to study, or they decide late that they’d like to go to university, there’s still a final option open to them: to go through Clearing.

Lots of students use this route to get into university from July to September each year. Like UCAS Extra, it’s a system that matches up students to courses that still have spaces.

Foundation courses

If your son or daughter doesn’t get the grades they need to do a degree, or they want to build their confidence up a bit more, they don't have to rule out university altogether. We also offer a number of foundation year programmes to give students an extra year’s preparation before for  moving onto a full degree.