Four female BNU students sat on a bench each with an ice cream in their hand looking at one another and smiling in High Wycombe town centre


Let's talk BNU

Let's talk BNU is a podcast series where we sit down with current students and discuss a range of important and hot topics. We cover everything from life in halls and how to settle into university, as well as what there is to do in the local area of High Wycombe and generally what life is like as a student at BNU.

We share these episodes on both YouTube and Spotify, so you can decide which platform to listen in on depending on what suits you!

Grace Victory and Alice Finnigan's Story
Grace Victory and Alice Finnigan's Story

In late 2020, Grace contracted Covid whilst heavily pregnant. With her condition worsening, doctors made the difficult decision to induce the birth 2 months early, putting Grace into a coma. Weeks went by and Grace was given a 5% chance of pulling through. Despite suffering multiple setbacks, Grace finally woke up from her coma in March 2021 but still had many complications to overcome. Student nurse, Alice formed a unique bond with Grace during her recuperation period and they discuss their amazing story exclusively in this podcast.

Photography still life studio
Your course, your say: Photography

We put some quick-fire questions to Victoria, a second-year BA (Hons) Photography student here at BNU. We spoke about everything from course highlights, favourite guest speakers, modules and moments, as well as what inspired Victoria to get into Photography. We also discussed what pathways Victoria would like to take once graduating from BNU.

Music Studio2
Your course, your say: Music Business

We put some quick-fire questions to Rachael, a third-year BA (Hons) Music Business student here at BNU. We spoke about everything from course highlights, favourite guest speakers, modules and moments, as well as what inspired Rachael to get into Music Business. We also discussed what the academic teaching team are like as talking about what Rachael's plans are after graduating from BNU... all in 9 minutes!

Three BNU students in a meeting with a member of staff sat around a table in the BNU library
Admissions quick-fire Q&A

We sat down with David and Tarek from our Admissions team to help answer some frequently asked questions about applying to university.

We cover everything from how long the application process takes, to what is a conditional and unconditional offer, as well as entry requirements for international students and top tips on how to submit a successful application.

Nursing lecturer teaching a group of students
Support services

At BNU there is a wide range of support available to students, whether this is through personal tutors, the Counselling and Disability teams, or friends and fellow students. In this episode we explore what support students have accessed during their time here at BNU, including how to deal with challenging assessments as well as sharing self-care strategies.

Two students walking together outside Brook Street accommodation
What we love about BNU

Was it love at first sight? What made BNU stand out from the crowd? Why did students decide to study with us? What do they love about their course? What support do tutors and lecturers offer? As part of #LoveBNU week, we wanted to share the love and find out what our students love about studying at Buckinghamshire New University.

Three faces to show different emotion - mental health
Discussing students' mental health

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to unforeseen and unprecedented changes to our everyday lives. For BNU students this meant having to have lectures, seminars, assessments and social events online as well as having to adapt to changes to government advice and laws, all impacting upon their life as a university student. We sat down and have an open conversation with students about their mental health and the support services BNU offers.

two suitcases in an airport with plane in the background
Aviation students

In this episode, we sat down with Fareeha, Jacob, and Jordan who are all Aviation students here at BNU at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We discussed where their interest in Aviation stemmed from; what flying for the first time feels like; living through COVID; future career aspirations and much more! If you're interested in finding out what life as an Aviation student is like, you won't want to miss this episode.


A Nurse looking on a tablet dressed in their uniform
Student nurses

Daily deliveries from Nando's, arguments over a £20 note, a new-job exclusive and how a nurse got over her fear of needles… all covered in this exciting episode. Ahead of International Nurses Day, we sat down virtually with Stephanie, Jasmine and Edel to discuss the highs and lows of being student nurses on a variety of Nursing programmes here at Buckinghamshire New University. Definitely worth a listen!

Would Map
International students

Ever considered what life at University is like for international students?

This episode covers why our international students decided to study at BNU; what challenges they faced moving from their home country; what they have learnt whilst studying in the UK and much more!

Graduation Class of 2021 students holding mortar board hats
Graduation and career aspirations

Now that we're coming to the end of another academic year and students are getting ready to unwind for the summer, we spoke to some of our graduating students who reflect on their time here at BNU and discuss what they are looking forward to beyond graduating.

Tune in today and listen to what Charlie, Shannon, Juliet, Samuel and Nij have to say about graduating and their career aspirations.

students in sunshine at Subwoofers Student Event
Life in High Wycombe

High Wycombe campus is the biggest BNU campus and is located within a close proximity to the town centre, providing perfect access to shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and a wide range of other social activities and amenities. We sat down with Shannon, Juliet and Bernie to discuss what student life in High Wycombe town is like as well as it's multi-cultural society, direct links to industry, and ease of access to other neighbouring cities.

four students working together at a round table in a communal area
Life in BNU accommodation

A new year and a new podcast series is upon us!

We're delighted to bring to you our latest episode where we chat to current students Renee and Victoria about their experiences living in our university accommodation and in particular, BNU's halls of residence. Ever wondered what it's like moving into halls on your first day? Wondering how to make friends and what it's like living in student accommodation, you'll want to listen to this.

Two students standing next to each other talking
Undergraduate open days

We understand that when it comes to deciding where you’d like to study, there are a lot of things to consider. Come along to our Open Day and discover why BNU could be the place for you. You can find out more about your course, meet the course team, and get all your questions answered.

Four female students walking outside Gateway building at High Wycombe campus
Life at BNU

At Buckinghamshire New University, every day is different, and we are dedicated to making sure every student has the best possible time with us. As a student with us you will be able to dive into new experiences, meet new people and step outside your comfort zone.

Study at BNU

Whether you’re considering a degree that will give you a fantastic grounding for your future career, you’re looking to take the next step with postgraduate study, or you want to hone and develop your skills further with the latest professional development training, BNU is a great choice.