Academic Registry

Certificates and transcripts

Certificates and transcripts

On achievement of your award and following publication of your results, you will be sent an Award Certificate and an Academic Transcript.

  • An Award Certificate is a formal statement of your overall result of the course and, where relevant, the classification of your award (e.g. First Class Honours).
  • An Academic Transcript contains details of your individual learning including the modules you took, their overall grade and credits achieved at each Level of study. You will receive an interim transcript at various stages while you are a student (typically at the end of each academic year) and a final transcript when you complete or leave your course.

Students on clinical or various other professional programmes (e.g. pre-registration and social work programmes) will also receive a Placement Transcript which provides details of their formal placement or clinical experience.

For more detailed information please refer to the Certification and Transcript Procedure

You will receive your award certificate at the annual graduation ceremonies held in September. If you require your certificate earlier than this (for visa purposes etc.), please contact

Certificates not collected at graduation for students with UK addresses will be sent to their registered home address.

Award certificates and transcripts for exit awards for students leaving partway through their course (e.g. Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education) will be sent directly to students’ registered home addresses as soon after the relevant Board of Examiners as possible.


You can request new certificates and transcripts from our online store. Certificates currently cost £40 and transcripts £25. For all queries regarding transcripts and certificates please contact the team by emailing


Frequently Asked Questions

Results published between April and August will be handed to graduating students at the University’s September graduation ceremonies (or posted afterwards if you don’t attend).

For completion at other times certificates will usually be sent out two weeks following the publication of results .

Your certificate will be sent to your registered home address (not your term-time address) as recorded on the University’s student record system. 

Students who live overseas will be contacted by email to confirm the address to which they wish to have their certificate sent.

No. Certificates are sent standard delivery following the publication of results.

Yes. Please email in advance with your full name, date of birth, course name and your student ID number. Please also indicate when you will be arriving and we can ensure that your certificate is ready for collection at a convenient time.

On collection, please bring your Student ID card with you (or other form of identification for students who have already left the University) so that we can confirm your identity before handing over your certificate.

Yes, as long as you have given your permission in writing previously. Please email with the full name of the person who will be collecting your certificate. They will need to bring a form of ID with them (preferably photo ID) in order to collect the certificate.

Certificates and transcripts will be issued in your full registered name as recorded on the University’s student records system at the time of the awarding Assessment Board.

Name changes after the Assessment Board will not normally be accepted unless a spelling or administrative error has been made. Please see the Certification and Transcript Procedure for other circumstances where name changes may be permissible.

Please return your certificate to the Academic Registry at the University with a covering letter informing us of your correct name and providing proof of the correct details. Please inform before you do this. If you are beyond 3 months of the issue of the Certificate then do not send anything but please contact who will advise if this is still possible.

Certificates and transcripts will be issued in your full registered name as recorded on the University’s student records system at the time of the awarding Assessment Board. We cannot change it after this date as our records need to cross-reference properly.

Please email with your full name, date of birth, course name and your student ID number and we will look into this for you.

Unless you notify the University that you have not received your certificate within two years of your award being made we will assume that you have received it. After two years have elapsed you will be asked for a fee if you require a copy of your certificate,

Replacement copies can be purchased from our online store. If copies have to be sent in a particular way, e.g. sealed envelope, signature on lip of envelope, University on envelope etc., please email as soon as you have made your purchase.