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Off-the-job Training

Off-the-job Training

Off-the-job training is the amount of time spent learning new skills, knowledge and behaviours away from your usual day-to-day work duties. It is a requirement for all apprentices to spend at least 20% of their contracted working week Off-the-job by the end of their Apprenticeship. The number of Off-the-job hours required to complete the Apprenticeship are calculated at the start of the Apprenticeship.

All apprentices are required to record their Off-the-job hours within Aptem (our learner management system), which supports apprentices in building their Individual Learning Plan, their e-portfolio, and evidencing the Knowledge Skills and Behaviour required of the relevant Apprenticeship Standard, as well as monitoring progression through their programme.

Your employer is also responsible for ensuring that you have the opportunities for work-based learning to allow you achieve your Off-the-job training requirements. If you have any further questions, please contact a member of your Academic Team.