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Deadline Extension

Deadline Extension

How can an extension help me?

Normally if you do not submit work by the required deadline you will have an additional 10 working days beyond the submission date to submit for a ‘capped mark’. Your work will be marked and the actual mark gained will be recorded; however, the work will then be capped at the pass mark. Work submitted beyond the 10 working days will not be accepted and a ‘non-submission’ will be recorded against you.

An agreed extension will extend the deadline that you have to submit your work and will mean that work can be submitted as if it was submitted on time and be marked accordingly.

How long will an extension be granted for?

The length of time granted for an extension will normally reflect the amount of time lost due to the event for which you are claiming. (Usually up to 10 working days for 1st submissions and 1-2 days for reassessment submissions if agreed by the Module Tutor)

The deadline for an extension will normally fall before the date for feedback to the rest of your cohort so that you cannot benefit from feedback on marked work provided to other students.

How do I submit a request?

An assignment / practice extension form can be submitted up to a maximum of 2 working days following the original submission deadline.

You should submit your form to your module tutor accompanied by the relevant documentary evidence. You should complete a separate extension form for each element of the module or practice placement.

When filling in the form please ensure that you complete it in full, paying particular attention to the following:

  • Details of the assessment, including the module name, code and assignment task (this should be found on your assessment brief)
  • Reasons for the extension request, including a full account of the circumstances claimed with sufficient detail of dates and times and how these have impacted upon your assessment
  • Documentary evidence supplied. Evidence of a sensitive and personal nature can be submitted in a confidential envelope

Note: If you are a student enrolled at a partner institution, you should submit your request to the authorised tutor at your institution. Please check your programme handbook or with your course leader for more information.


If you need help with completing your extension request please refer to the Mitigating Circumstances Policy in the first instance.

You can also seek advice from your School Registry Officer, the Students’ Union Advice Centre, or Disability Service.


Once your request has been submitted you will receive a decision within 5 working days. Whilst a request is being considered you should continue your studies as if it had not been granted.

If your application is not accepted you should submit the work as normal.


Your Module Tutor will explain the procedure for submitting work for which an extension has been granted.


Where an extension has been granted, you will only be able to submit a claim for mitigating circumstances in respect of the same assignment / practice document if you experience a different unpredictable or unforeseen event during the period of the extension or suffer a sudden deterioration or unexpected continuation of a previously notified condition.

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