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Back of heads of students wearing Graduation hats

Receiving your results

Receiving your results

At the end of each year or stage of your programme, your academic profile will be considered by a Board of Examiners to determine your results for that year or stage. The Board will decide if you have enough credits to progress into your next year; need to undertake reassessment work; need to repeat some modules or can be made an award.

Once your results have been confirmed, they will be available in your Results section on Bucks Connect, our student portal. The Results section on Bucks Connect contains all the information you need about your results and if you need to undertake any reassessment.

Login to Bucks Connect using your Bucks username, StudentID@bucks.ac.uk (i.e. 12345678@bucks.ac.uk), and password. If you need to reset your password click visit this page. For further assistance, please contact IT@bucks.ac.uk. Refer to the Bucks Connect User Guide for more detailed instructions on the use of the portal.

Take five minutes to complete this short survey to help us improve our portal.

If having logged into Bucks Connect you are not sure what your results mean, you can find more information on our academic advice results page.

Nursing and Allied Health Students

Your interim results will be posted on Blackboard but your final results will be in Bucks Connect.