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Assessment feedback

Assessment feedback

Throughout your studies you will receive plenty of opportunities to receive feedback on your academic performance.

Types of Feedback

Feedback on your performance can take a variety of forms, from discussions with lecturers to comments on assignments.

Feedback may be provided online, given out in class, via a podcast, or made available for collection from the School Registry. Where feedback is provided orally, this should be in addition to written feedback.

For information on how you will receive feedback for a specific assignment please refer to the assignment brief or speak to your School Registry.

Feedback on Coursework

We operate a policy of providing you with feedback on your assessed coursework within three working weeks of the submission date (i.e. excluding weekends and periods when the University is officially closed). Where it is not possible to receive feedback within the three-week turnaround period, you should receive an alternate date from the Module Leader.

Where work has been submitted electronically, feedback will also normally be available electronically via the e-submission portal on Blackboard.

Feedback on Examinations

You are entitled to receive feedback on your examinations and to see comments made on your exam paper. Feedback will take the form of either individual feedback or generic feedback on the exam as a whole.

You may also request to see your marked examination paper under controlled conditions. This will only be permissible in the time period between the confirmation of marks and the destruction of the scripts after a period of six months; you will not be able to take away either the original or a copy of your exam script.

Responding to Feedback

Feedback should enable you to identify areas in your work where you are doing well, where you are not doing so well and where some improvement is necessary. This will help you prepare for future assignments.

If you do not understand the feedback you have received, or would like to discuss how you are going to improve you may wish to speak with the module leader or your personal tutor.