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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme has been supporting businesses to innovate and grow for over 45 years. A KTP works by linking a business with the University who has knowledge the business needs and a highly-skilled graduate who is dedicated to delivering a specific, strategic project for that business.

One to One Mentoring
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KTPs deliver significant increase in competitiveness and productivity for the business and centres around the businesses need. Innovate UK and other UK funding councils will fund up to 67% of the project costs for a KTP with the business supporting the rest and so it’s a cost-effective route to access new knowledge and resource.

A typical KTP project runs for 12-36 months and has a lasting impact on the business, usually creating new capabilities and establishing new skills within their workforce.



Benefits of a KTP

  • Embed expertise, generate new knowledge, expand capability and foster a culture of innovation at your business
  • Drive competitive advantage through accelerated innovation and the possibility of creating Intellectual Property
  • Gain privileged and cost-effective access to the knowledge and extensive range of cutting-edge equipment and resources at Buckinghamshire New University
  • Increase revenue/profits through access to new markets, new product development, increased productivity and better processes.

Find out more about the benefits of a KTP by exploring previous projects we have worked on with a range of partners.


Our successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


BNU Business School & Oasis Partnership KTP – £150k Management KTP

The vision for the project is to equip the charity with the capabilities required to launch, manage, and continue to develop new commercial services, to increase surplus income which will sustain and extend the services the charity provides to core clients.

A combination of formal training and active, experiential learning will equip the charity's Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Trustees with the capabilities required to develop and implement a strategic plan for income/surplus generation. Training will also enable existing and new staff to acquire the necessary expertise to develop and execute successful social marketing strategies and utilise agile management methodologies to implement and manage the planned services effectively and efficiently.


BNU Art & Design School & Serious Brands Light Engine KTP - £190k Classic KTP

The project will tune the spectral output of a light source to an individual's specific requirements making it possible to use light to help ease symptoms for individuals suffering debilitating conditions such as migraine, tinnitus and myopia.  The KTP will embed capabilities in electronics, photonics, product instrumentation and APP design essential to the development of the product envisaged. The knowledge transferred will become central to the brand narrative and be embedded into the customer journey.

For the first time, fine-tuning of spectral output from a light source will be possible enabling access to the potentially profound benefits of light.


Contact us

To find out more about how a KTP with BNU could help your business, please contact our KTP Manager, Francesca Martin. Call 01494 522141 ext 5776 or email by using the link below.

How it works:

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Stage 1: The Business

The Business has a problem to solve or an innovative project to deliver.


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Stage 2: The Associate

The Associate (a recent graduate) is employed by BNU and embedded in the company to deliver the project.

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Stage 3: The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (our University) provides expertise and the latest research to support the Associate.