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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme has been supporting businesses to innovate and grow for over 45 years. A KTP works by linking a business with the University who has knowledge the business needs and a highly-skilled graduate who is dedicated to delivering a specific, strategic project for that business.

One to One Mentoring
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KTPs deliver significant increase in competitiveness and productivity for the business and centres around the businesses need.  Innovate UK and other UK funding councils will fund up to 67% of the project costs for a KTP with the business supporting the rest and so it’s a cost-effective route to access new knowledge and resource.

A typical KTP project runs for 12-36 months and has a lasting impact on the business, usually creating new capabilities and establishing new skills within their workforce.

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To find out more about how a KTP with BNU could help your business, please contact our KTP Manager, Francesca Martin. Call 07907 572968 or email by using the link below.


How it works:

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Stage 1: The Business

The Business has a problem to solve or an innovative project to deliver.


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Stage 2: The Associate

The Associate (a recent graduate) is employed by BNU and embedded in the company to deliver the project.

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Stage 3: The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (our University) provides expertise and the latest research to support the Associate.

Thanks to the KTP with the University we secured dedicated resource to tackle a complex challenge.  The combination of knowledge from the academic supervisor at BNU and the expertise of the Associate allowed TMD to adapt and develop new processes that made sure we were ready for new technical regulations allowing us to stay ahead of our competitors when regulations came in.
Richard Patrick Head of Business Development at TMD Technologies Ltd
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Serious Brands Limited

Serious Brands Limited – our Associate worked with Serious Brands to design & develop a Marketing Intelligence Customer Engagement system to predict customer behaviour and target service offerings accordingly.  Academics with knowledge in Computing as well as Marketing supported this project. 

The Pure H2O Company Limited

The Pure H2O Company Limited - our Associate and experts in our Product Design department worked with Pure H2O to develop a newly designed and engineered water purification system that capitalises on the potential system and activities in the emerging domestic market for water purification systems.

West Oxfordshire Locality Group

West Oxfordshire Locality Group – our Associate and academics from our Nursing & Allied Health school worked with WOLG to establish a targeted effective, sustainable weight reduction programme in a community setting.

Vitalograph Limited

Vitalograph Limited - our Associate and experts in our Product Design department, supported by expertise at the university in the field of Nursing & Allied Health, worked with Vitalograph Limited to design and manufacture an inhaler training device to fit all current inhaler designs with either audible or electronic outputs. 


BucksVision – our Associate and academics in our Marketing department to introduce more relevant services for visually impaired people, better communicate these services, and raise public and organisational awareness, involvement and financial support.

Acorn Engineering Limited

Acorn Engineering Limited - To design and implement a dynamic job scheduling system, using innovative algorithms and mobile communications. 

Aitken Scientific Limited

Aitken Scientific Limited - To produce software that can be tailored to new bespoke, mobile, analytical hardware products. 

Softcat Limited

Softcat Limited - To review HR processes to increase retention, leading to high performance teams and establish a culture of knowledge sharing. 

Bluesky International Limited

Bluesky International Limited - To develop automated processes to restore quality in scanned aerial images and develop new automated image-processing tools.

Mrc Business Information Group Ltd

Mrc Business Information Group Ltd - To develop its business and become more efficient, by the development of a range of analytical tools. 

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To find out more about how a KTP with BNU could help your business, please contact our KTP Manager, Francesca Martin. Call 07907 572968 or email by using the link below.