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Changing direction

Changing direction

If you feel your course isn’t right for you, please talk to your Personal Tutor. We offer a whole range of courses and there may be one that is right for you, but you just need some help to find it.


Interrupting your studies

Sometimes, as a result of changes in your personal life, or due to a prolonged or serious bout of illness, you may be having difficulties fulfilling all the requirements of your course. In these circumstances you may wish to consider requesting to interrupt your studies and return when you are able to focus again on your course. The University is not obliged to grant an interruption of studies request and you will remain liable for any fees in that fee period (normally a term).

Your personal tutor will be able to discuss your situation with you and explain the options open to you. Depending on your programme of study there may be certain restrictions, such as the point at which an interruption must be taken or the date of return to your studies.

Interruptions of study will initially be for one year but may be extended to a maximum of two years. Your return to your studies will be governed by the curriculum and regulations in force when you re-enrol. It is possible that your course will have undergone substantial changes or may even have stopped running which may affect your ability to re-enrol.

While you have interrupted your studies you will not be able to submit any work for assessment, undertake an examination or attend work or clinical placements. You will also be unable to access labs, workshops and classroom facilities. The University will, however, support you to retain limited access to some resources, including the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the Library.

Marks awarded for assessments prior to the interruption of studies (including any non-submissions) will stand on your return to study.


To submit a request you will need to complete an Interruption of Studies Form and return this to your School Registry Office.

A decision will be made as quickly as possible by the authorised tutor, usually within one week. You must continue to attend your course while a decision is being made.

The date of your interruption of studies will be recorded as the date of signature on the form. Requests may not be backdated.


It is your responsibility to contact the University to state that you wish to return. Your School Registry Officer will also attempt to contact you a minimum of two months prior to your intended return date.

You will be expected to return at the start of a study period, e.g. a Semester or Term or at the start of a placement.

Tuition fees will be liable for the fee period in which you return. All fees must be paid in full prior to re-enrolment.

If you have not returned to your studies after two years have elapsed, you will be withdrawn from your programme.

Transferring courses

It is possible for students to transfer to a new programme at Bucks. Any such transfer will be subject to academic approval and availability of places and may involve a formal interview or written submission. You will also be expected to have discussed your intention to transfer with your current course leader.

You will normally only be permitted to transfer prior to the start of an academic stage or Level. Transfer to a new course may require additional credits to be undertaken to ensure that you meet the requirements for an award of your new programme of study. You will be liable for any additional fees this may incur. On transfer you will be governed by the regulations of the new course.

You must contact your funding body to check your financial support for the new programme. If the transfer increases the number of years it will take to complete your programme, you may be without fee support for one of your years of study.

Request to transfer a new course

To submit a request you should complete an Internal Transfer Form and return this to your School Registry Office.

Please note: This form should only be completed following a formal interview with the new programme leader or written submission explaining the reason for your request.

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Withdrawing from your course

Withdrawal is when you formally leave your course with no intention to return to your studies at the University.

You may withdraw from your studies at the University at any time. As withdrawal is a permanent step which cannot be reversed, it is best practice to undertake an interview prior to your withdrawal being finalised to ensure that this is the most appropriate course of action. Please contact your Personal Tutor to book an appointment to discuss in the first instance, if you have any queries please contact your School Registry Officer.

If you withdraw from the University you will be awarded credits for any modules you have successfully completed. Depending on the course you were registered for you may also be eligible for an exit award, e.g. a Certificate of Higher Education. All awards are subject to the decision of an Assessment Board.

Please be aware that withdrawal may have financial implications for you, including being liable for fees. Please refer to our Payment and debt procedures (Home/EU students only). International students should instead speak to the Compliance and Administration Manager ( as there may also be visa implications which must be considered before any decisions are made about changes to their studies.

Formal withdrawal is initiated by completion of the Withdrawal Form. Until you have completed and returned this form to Academic Registry you will remain registered on your programme which may have financial implications for you.

If you are leaving Bucks to join another university or higher education provider you must formally withdraw prior to enrolment at your new institution.

A transfer to a new programme of study may have financial implications for you if it results in you studying for more years that the length of your original programme. You must contact your funding body and the institution to which you are intending to transfer as soon as possible and ask for confirmation in writing of your future entitlement to student support.

You will need to make arrangements to pay any outstanding fees before your leave.

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Getting some support

We have a number of support services available and our staff are used to dealing with a wide range of student problems and will do their best to help you.

If you feel you need some help, you may like to contact: