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Student Finance

Student Finance

There are two types of student loan:

  • A tuition fee loan, purely to cover the cost of the tuition fees, and
  • A maintenance loan, which is intended for everyday living costs.

Student finance loans are available to all home students studying full-time or part-time for their first degree (they are not available for students studying at further education level).

You will need to repay both loans after you complete your studies and when you are earning above a certain threshold. Please visit for more information on Repayment terms and conditions.

Students from the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands should check with their local government for details of available support.

How much can you get?

The amount you can borrow under the student maintenance loan scheme depends on your household's income – in other words, your circumstances and the amount earned by you, your spouse or your parents.

If your household has a low income, you may also be eligible for a means-tested loan.

It is important you apply for funding as early as possible to make sure you have finance in place for the start of the term.

Please note that details given in this section are for full-time undergraduate home students and details may vary for students from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

If you wish to pay your own course fees upfront rather than accessing a loan, further information on the arrangements for this can be found in our Fee, Liability and Instalment Dates pages.

If you are not eligible for a loan, then you will need to fund your course yourself.

Access to the full information can be found in our dept policy and Payment and debt procedures.

Useful websites for funding information