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What if I fail?

What if I fail?

If you have not received a pass mark (normally 40%) for a module or piece of assessment you may be required to be reassessed in the component(s) that you have failed.

Reassessment is not automatic and a decision will be made by an Assessment Board through consideration of your overall profile of marks. Reassessment may differ from the original piece of work submitted so you should not simply resubmit your original piece of work.

Either way you should wait for the Board to confirm what (if any) reassessment has been set and when and how this should be submitted.

Reassessment is set to enable you to retake elements of a module which you have failed. It may be coursework or it could be an examination – you are responsible for ensuring that you are available to undertake reassessment by the deadline or to resit examinations.

Assessment Boards decide whether you are eligible to be set reassessment. You will be informed of any reassessment you have to do when you receive your results letter.

Reassessment Boards sit to consider students who have been set reassessment to enable them to progress to the next level of their studies or to be given their final award.

A Reassessment Board will normally meet approximately 8-10 weeks after the original Board (although this will vary depending on your course), allowing you sufficient time to complete your extra work. You will receive your results as soon as possible after the Reassessment Board has met.

Where you are still not in a position to progress after reassessment has been completed, the Reassessment Board may give you ‘Repeat’ status, allowing you to repeat certain modules, or to redo the year completely. Note that becoming an ‘Repeat Student’ may have financial implications for you.

You are encouraged to seek guidance from your Personal Tutor regarding your academic work. You can also seek advice from the Learning Development Unit (LDU).

Your School Registry Officer can advise you on what your options may be regarding progression.