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Bucks student sitting at her desk in bedroom student accommodation



Coming to university is always a big move. Of course, you'll want the certainty of knowing where you are going to live. You'll also want a place that fits in with your studies and suits your social life, and most of all, you'll want somewhere you'll feel at home.

At BNU, settling into your new surrounding will be easy, thanks to our range of comfortable halls of residence.

Information about our accommodation options will be sent to all students who have accepted offers to study at BNU from June onwards. And we can guarantee you a place in one of our High Wycombe halls, if you make your accommodation application before 31 August 2021.

20 min walk to Hughenden students halls
885 single bedrooms at our halls of residents
5 min walk to book street halls

Accommodation 2021/22

We are pleased to be able to tell you about our exciting accommodation offer for 2021/22.

We know that you may have concerns about accommodation for the next academic year, especially with the pandemic still present in all our minds. Last year, recognising the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, we reduced all of our accommodation charges between 10-30%.  We have decided that we will not return to the original rents and are keeping these discounts in place, with only a modest rise to some of our rents, an average increase of just over 1%, we have even reduced our rents for a standard Brook Street room!

Rooms in our Covid-safe student accommodation will start at £79 per week and include:

  • No deposit.
  • All utilities, free Wi-Fi and contents insurance.
  • 24 hr security and on-site pastoral and welfare provision.
  • Eligibility for a discounted gym membership of £9.99 per month.
  • Free membership of the Students' Union's ‘The Bucks Café Club’ giving you discounts at all campus cafes; cafes open subject to any government restrictions.
  • Bedding packs available on request.
  • Our ‘Covid guarantee’ - If there’s another public health crisis relating to Covid-19, the university will not charge you the relevant proportion of the licence fee covering any period during which government restrictions or other guidance prevents us from allowing you entry onto our campuses and during which you vacate your room in the halls.

We will let you know when you can start applying for residential halls for the new term, but the new rents are in the table below:


    Weekly Rent

    Annual Rent (19/09/21 - 10/07/22)

    Brook Street Halls - Standard



    Brook Street Halls - Studio



    Hughenden Park Student Village - Ensuite



    Hughenden Park Student Village - Studio



    Windsor House - Ensuite



    Windsor House - Studio



    How to Apply


    Applications open on 22 June.

    If you are a new applicant to the university, we have or will contact you as long as you have accepted the offer from BNU as your first choice. Make sure UCAS have your correct email address, as that’s the one we’ll use for new applicants. Once applications open, these emails will be sent out regularly, but please note, the process can take up to 5 working days.

    If you believe you should have been contacted, but haven’t, then you can email accommodation@bucks.ac.uk, and we can make sure you get it.

    Everything is done by email and online. Simply follow the link we send and then the on-screen instructions to complete your application. Please be aware that we have a high number of applications and so, once you have applied, it could take a few weeks to confirm your room, but you will get an email when we make the room offer.

    Got any questions?


    Please visit the below pages for more helpful information. Alternatively call us on 01494 603 063 or email accommodation@bucks.ac.uk