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School of Human and Social Sciences

School of Human and Social Sciences

The School of Human and Social Sciences is where our inspirational community encourages you to improve mental health, wellbeing and performance through science.

Our values as a school underpin everything we do: how can we make a positive change to you, our culture and to the environment around us?

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Teaching and Early Years
The School of Human and Social Sciences embeds health, well-being and performance across our curriculum and these are at the heart of the student experience. Our staff are highly experienced professionals drawing on existing links within industry and the practice environment to support the development of highly skilled students for the future workforce. Our courses across Education, Sports & Exercise, and the Social Sciences have been specifically designed to empower graduating students to have a positive impact on individuals, communities and society.
Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe Head of School of Human and Social Sciences
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Learn from the experts

The School of Human and Social Sciences was founded by experienced lecturers whose dedication to education, professionalism and our values inspired generations of BNU graduates.

We come from diverse backgrounds, and we recognise that you do too. Regardless of your academic experience, we make sure inclusion is at the heart of our teaching. Our school is focused on evidence-based teaching, which helps you become a highly skilled and competent individual.

We are committed to providing the best opportunities to our students, giving you support on assignments, university life and future careers whenever you need it.

The staff on this course are what drew me to BNU. Their passion for the subject really shows and it's comforting to know that the course modules are all relevant and carefully selected.
Katy Wiltshire
Katy Wiltshire

Fantastic facilities at your fingertips

Experience a real counselling session and measure brain and body responses to certain scenarios.

Understand your body and how to coach or develop in your sport.

Put on a virtual headset and immerse yourself in the world of psychology using the virtual reality experience. Learn the theory behind performance anxiety and other health conditions.

Use Biopac to analyse brain activity, cardiovascular activity, skeletal muscle activity, eye movements and conductivity of the skin during various simulated experiences.

These are just some of the things you could be doing when you study with Buckinghamshire New University!

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Psychology Lab
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Human Performance & Wellbeing Centre
Coming to Buckinghamshire New University has given me the opportunity to study in a focussed and supportive environment. On the Open Days I felt really welcomed and the course lecturers were keen to support me to achieve my career goals; this has been reflected during my time here.
Morwenna Bone
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