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Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances

How can a claim help me?

A successful mitigating circumstances claim will be taken into account by the Board of Examiners when making a decision about your results. The Board has several options available to it and may make the following recommendations in respect of your claim:

  • Permit a repeat assessment with no penalty, e.g. reassessment for an ‘uncapped mark’ on the same basis as a first attempt (i.e. that the full range of marks will be available)
  • Permit reassessment for a capped mark, where the successful plea refers to reassessment work
  • Permit you to undertake a passed assessment in order to gain a better mark, even if you have passed the module overall. If you should receive a lower mark in the re-taken assessment, the highest mark achieved will stand.
  • Grant an aegrotat Pass grade in a module or modules
  • Permit an exceptional reassessment for a capped mark
  • Permit an alternative assessment, to be determined by the Board
  • Accept a late submission for an uncapped mark
  • Exercise discretion in, for example, reassessment limits, exceptional continuation with the student’s cohort or at the end of the course, award classification or greater discretion at borderlines
  • Permit you to ‘trail’ a module (up to a maximum of 30 credits) in to the next year of the programme

A successful claim for mitigating circumstances cannot be used as grounds for redeeming academic performance and no marks will be altered on the basis of a claim.

Mitigating circumstances will not negate a decision of proven academic misconduct.

How do I submit a claim?

A mitigating circumstances form should be completed and submitted to the School Admin Office within 15 working days of the event for which you are claiming. Documentary evidence should be submitted alongside the form (an evidence pro-forma has been provided which can be completed by an independent verifier / witness to support your claim).

If it is not possible to submit the evidence within the time-frame you should indicate which pieces of evidence are to follow together with an expected date by which the additional evidence will be submitted.

If you miss the 15 working days deadline you may still be able to make an exceptional ‘late’ claim for mitigating circumstances. You will need to provide a reason why you were unable to submit a claim at the appropriate time. Please refer to the Mitigating Circumstances and Extensions Policy for more information.

How can I get support with my claim?


If you need help with completing your claim please refer to the policy in the first instance.

You can also seek advice from your School Registry Officer, the Students’ Union Advice Centre, or Disability Support Service.

What happens next?


Your claim will be assessed in two stages.

  • Stage One: Your claim will be reviewed in your Faculty by the appointed reviewer. They may accept your claim, ask for further explanation or evidence or ask the Mitigating Circumstances Panel to review the claim.
  • Stage Two: The Mitigating Circumstances Panel reviews each claim referred to it at regular meetings throughout the year. These are timed to ensure recommendations to accept claims can be sent in a timely manner for Boards of Examiners.

After stage one you will receive an e-mail to the account listed on your form confirming the action that has been taken. If you claim has been referred to the panel, the date of the panel will be included for reference. After the panel the recommendation that will be made to the Board of Examiners will be e-mailed to you. Letters will not be posted in hard copy.

A plea will be considered to be withdrawn if it has been referred back to you and no response has been received after a reasonable deadline, or if no evidence has been provided to support the plea following the request for evidence.

You will be informed whether your claim was accepted or rejected – together with the rationale for so doing – by email to the account you provided on the form.

What is the role of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel?


The Mitigating Circumstances Panel is a central University body which reviews claims referred to it along with the evidence provided and consider whether it meets the definition for mitigating circumstances and has been supported by appropriate evidence.

Membership of the panel includes the Director for Student Success, academic representatives from each School, a representative from the Disability Service, and the Students’ Union Vice-President for Education & Welfare (or nominee). The Panel will also be supported by the Academic Registry.

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