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Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice

Choosing a university is a big decision – possibly one of the biggest your son or daughter has had to make so far. So it’s vital they take their time, and look for an institution and course that fits with their aspirations and plans.

You can support them in their decision, by talking things through, and coming to open days with them – which is, by far, the best way to get a feel for each place and whether it feels like a good fit for them. Find out about our upcoming open days.

If they apply to BNU, we’ll usually invite them on an applicant visit day as well, where we’ll give out more in-depth information on their chosen course and what they can expect.

How you can help

Encourage them to visit the places they’re interested in, and come with them if you can – so you can see what’s on offer for yourself.

  • Check out courses – not every university runs every course, so if your child is set on studying a particular subject, their choices will already be narrowed down. Use our search finder to see if BNU offers their preferred programme.
  • Hone in on subject areas – favourite subjects or subjects they did well in at school or college often lead to a successful degree outcome. However, university is also a great opportunity to try something new. The most important thing is that the chosen course will set them on the right career path.
  • Consider the learning style – look in the course description and talk to the academics leading the course when you come to look round. Ask about how it’s run. Is it very practical? Is there more of a focus on exams and essays? We place an emphasis on developing skills for the workplace, and links with industry, so if that’s important to you, practically-focused courses may be the best option.

Take a look at the courses on offer at BNU that might appeal – we have an extensive range of career-focused programmes to choose from, in everything from aviation to nursing.

  • Location matters – is the university well located? Would your son or daughter prefer to study close to home or further away? Near the best job opportunities or the countryside? Read about our welcoming, near-London location.
  • Think about reputation – is the university well known for its teaching in the area your son or daughter wants to study? We have a strong reputation in many fields, from music management and aviation, to nursing and policing.
  • Get a handle on costs – are course fees and accommodation charges in line with your expectations? See our fees and funding and accommodation pages for details of ours.
  • Look beyond lectures – what about the facilities? The accommodation? The support services? All these things can add up to make a big difference to a student’s overall experience, so it’s worth weighing them all up. Our accommodation is only a short walk to High Wycombe centre. We also have a range of facilities and equipment to set your son or daughter on their way to success; check out our facilities section for more information.

Read more about reasons to choose BNU here, including our latest National Student Survey results and top-ranked Students’ Union.

And come and look round on an upcoming open day, to see what we’re about.