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Stay safe online

Stay safe online

This page helps you understand what Information security is, what is your role in information security and what needs to be done in case of any information security incidents or breaches.

Information Security here at BNU centres around providing the right data, at the right time, to the right people. The DTS Directorate, in conjunction with the university, aims to protect things like personal information, financial information, educational records from falling into the wrong hands. We’re here to safeguard you from being a victim of an illicit activity and also preventing financial, legal and reputational damage to the organization.

BNU is a certified institution practicing the Information Security Framework recommended by the ISO standard ISO 27001:2013

Please view our Information Security Policies (Information & Communications section).

We want you to have a safe learning experience at BNU. Students can be perfect targets as they have fresh credit scores and/or regularly use online/social networks to share personal information which can be gained and abused by criminals and opportunists.

As a student here you have access to various IT resources including data and network. We will try to protect you but you must help us to protect yourself, your information and your devices. You are also a key participant in protecting our network.

  • take responsibility for your actions and activities
  • you must use your privileges appropriately and in a secure manner
  • always use unique and strong passwords for separate accounts
  • never share your password with others
  • always run up-to-date anti-virus software on your devices
  • treat University information as you would wish your details to be handled by your bank or governmental departments
  • beware of phishing: Do not open emails or click on links sent by unknown sources and definitely do not give personal information (including passwords) to unsolicited requests
  • don’t overshare! Got a new credit card? Great. Don’t take a selfie with it and post onto Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook!
  • if you suspect a security breach or something is not quite right, speak to us. Always better to ask before it’s too late

Top Tips

Virtual lesson online

Secure your device

Here you will find information on how to configure your devices securely.

Cyber security person on laptop with lock symbol

Password Best Practice

Information on how to create a secure password.

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Social Media Advice

How to stay safe whilst using social media.

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Defend against phishing attacks

Find information on how to spot phishing emails and other scams.

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If in doubt, call it out!

Recognising an information security incident and how to report it.