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Print, Copy and Scan

Print, Copy and Scan

You can print, photocopy and scan using a single device known as a Multi-Functional Device (MFD). You can print from any University computer and collect your printout from any printer around campus.  Plotters are also available for wide format printing.

Student Printing Portal

My Print ( is the student printing portal from where you can manage your printing account at the University. Here you can add print credits, check transaction history, check recent print jobs and use the Web Print function.

You must use your University username (studentID e.g. 12345678 and password to log into the printing portal.

You can also access the My Print portal from the University computers. Use the My Print user guide for the instructions to access via a University computer.

Printer locations

The colour (Printcolour) and mono (PrintBW) queues print to the printer locations listed below.  Each printer performs the following basic functions, unless specified otherwise.

  • Printing in black and white (double sided by default)
  • Printing in colour (double sided by default)
  • Printing on A3 and A4
  • Copying (acts like a traditional photocopier)
  • Scanning to email (documents/photos can be scanned and emailed to any email address)



Gateway, 1st FloorMFD 1
Gateway, 2nd FloorMFD 2
Gateway, 3rd FloorMFD 2
Gateway, 4th FloorPLOTTERPrints to A0; No scan & copy functions2
Gateway, 4th FloorMFD 1
Timberlake, 2nd Floor (T2.10)MFD 1
Timberlake, Ground Floor (T0.05)MFD 1
Redshed (R1.01)Printer with Print, copy and scan functionsA3 Printer (Including Tracing and Acetate)1
RedShed (R2.02)MFD 1
Library, 1st Floor, OR3MFD1
Library, 1st Floor, OR1MFD2
1st Floor, A1MFD1
2nd Floor, A0.19MFD1
Printing costs

Print credits can be purchased online using your debit or credit card and are allocated to your University user account.  To top up your printing account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Username, Surname, Click to accept the terms and conditions and then click Continue.
  3. Follow the instructions and top up your print account.

Refer to the My Print user guide for detailed instructions on how to top up your print credit.

Charges for printing, copying and scanning can be found below


A4 Mono - 3p

A4 Colour - 6p

A3 Mono - 5p

A3 Colour - 10p


Scanning - Free



A2 - £1.20

A1 - £2.40

A0 - £4.80


You will need to ensure that you have enough print credits prior to sending your job to the print queue. If you do not have enough credit on your account you will not be able to collect your print. You will be able to submit print jobs with no or low credit.

You can check your print credit balance at

If you log into the University computers, your print credit balance will appear when you access the My Print shortcut. Print credit can also be transferred from one student to another as and when required. Refer to the My Print user guide for further information.

Information on refunds can be found at the Your loans, fines and printing page.

Important: Refunds are only available when caused by a technical fault. No refunds will be provided when user error is involved.

  1. You can print to any of the MFDs from a University computer by selecting one of the two queues below via the usual File>Print options in your software applications, such as Excel or word
    • Print-BW (mono) - (monochrome print queue)
    • Print-Colour (colour) – (colour print queue)
  2. Go to any of the University printers found in the above locations.  You have 72 hours to print your document before it gets deleted from the queue.
  3. Log in by tapping your card against the card reader or click the Sign in button to manually enter your Bucks username and password on the touch panel.
  4. Select “Print Release” option from the on-screen menu.
  5. Select the document you want to print and choose Print.
  6. Collect your document and remember to always log out from the MFD to keep your account secure.

Refer to the How to print, copy and scan guide for more detailed instructions on how to print from a University computer.

You can print to the University printers using your own device. You must be connected to eduroam Wi-Fi network to be able to print from your own device.

  1. Go to and log in with your Bucks username and password. Choose the option for Web Print in the left-hand column.
  2. You can view recent print jobs along with any current documents in your queue, click Submit a Job to begin.
  3. Choose a printer and then click then click Print Options and Account Selection to continue.
  4. Choose how many copies you require and click Upload Documents.
  5. Browse for or drag and drop the required documents, click Upload & Complete.
  6. Once the job has the status of ‘Held in a queue’ it can be released from the printer by tapping your card and choosing the onscreen Print release option.

Refer to the “How to use web print” guide for more detailed instructions on how to print from your own device.

Printing tips

This is good to the environment as well as saving you money. For example: there should very rarely be a need to print web pages you refer for your studies. You could bookmark the page, or create an "information document" into which you can copy snippets of information gathered from various electronic sources. If it is very important to print reference materials, please print on both sides.

Please be aware that if you use the printers to print high resolution photos that it can take up to 45 minutes to process. Any other files that are released on the same MFD will not print until the print job has been completed.

Our advice to you is that if you are printing out high resolution images do not use the printers on level 2 and 3 of Gateway during busy periods

Also converting any document to PDF may reduce file size and printing times!

The cost of output from the colour printer is more than that from the monochrome printers. Think twice before you decide to print in colour.

When printing large files (especially Word, PDF and PowerPoint), send the job to the printer queue in chunks or parts to match the number of credits on your print account

Scanning, copying and bulk printing

To scan a document and send it to an email address:

  1. Log in to the MFD by swiping your campus ID card through the card reader on the device or enter your username and password using the printer touch panel.
  2. Select Use copier functions.
  3. Select Scan to email.
  4. Your email address will automatically appear in the To field.
  5. If additional recipients are required click on the To field and enter the email address.

Refer to the How to print, copy and scan guide for more detailed instructions on how to scan and send to an email address.

To make a photocopy:

  1. Log in to the MFD by swiping your campus ID card through the card reader on the device or enter your username and password using the printer touch panel
  2. Select use copier functions
  3. Select copy
  4. etc

Refer to the How to print, copy and scan guide for more detailed instructions on how to copy using the MFDs.

Binding work and Bulk printing can be done in the Bucks Student Union in A4 and A3 formats. Charges will apply.

For further information, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can, by using the Wi-Fi printing service. Visit to upload documents from your device and print them from any of the student printers available inside the University campus. For more guidance, read “How to use web print” user guide.

You should select “Print-Colour” for colour prints and “Print-BW” for black and white prints. 

You can only upload and print the following document file types: 

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Open Office 
  • RTF 
  • PDF 

You can print A4 & A3 paper sizes in all student printers. The plotters in 4th floor Gateway building in High Wycombe campus can print larger documents. They are designed to print larger documents such as posters or presentations (A0, A1 & A2 sizes). 

To print from the plotters, you need to save the file as a PDF and send to the G4-Plotter, this can be sent from any PC in the library (including IT rooms), including the PC next to the plotters. For further information, please visit the IT Service Desk. 

If you think you have been incorrectly charged for a printing job because the document did not print in colour or did not release the job or the page count was incorrect, please report this to the IT Service Desk. We will investigate further and refund as appropriate. 

Printers, when not in regular use, will go into energy saving mode and it may look like the printer is off or is not working. When you are next to such a printer, look in the top right corner for a lit up green button (on some printers the light will be blinking). Tap this button to wake up the printer. 

Press the Job Status button, tap to select the document from the list and tap the delete icon.

All printers in the Gateway building in High Wycombe campus are managed by the library – so all issues need to be reported to them. Any issues regarding printers in all other locations need to be reported to the IT Service Desk. 

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