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Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances

School Registry Officers - available support

If you are experiencing difficulties, you should contact your School Registry Officer as soon as possible. They can advise you on the most appropriate course of action. This may be:

  • An application for an Extension to a submission deadline for an assignment(s) – where a later deadline will enable you to complete the work.


  • A claim for Mitigating Circumstances – where an unexpected event seriously affects your studies and an extension is not feasible or appropriate (e.g. if you miss an examination).


NB: The University recognises that anxiety about individual financial situations may have a detrimental impact on your ability to prepare for and submit assignments during the current cost of living crisis.  Therefore it has agreed additional reasons to be allowed for claims from January 2023.  If you experience any significant decline in personal/ family/ welfare circumstances due to financial hardship, or if you face unexpected short-term financial difficulties around the time of assessment preparation and submission, you could have grounds for either an extension or a mitigating circumstances claim.  Evidence could include statements from independent professionals, employers or BNU or SU staff who can support your claim that significant change in personal/unforeseen financial circumstances has impacted on your completion/submission of assignments/exams.



  • An application to suspend or Interrupt your studies – where your personal circumstances mean that it is difficult to continue with your studies at the current time.

The Mitigating Circumstances and Extensions Policy sets out the regulations and procedures to support students who have been affected by exceptional circumstances. It applies to all registered students of the University regardless of fee status or place of study.

All procedures will be confidential and information handled in accordance with the Data Protection Policy.

Exceptional Circumstances Support