A woman reading whilst wearing eye tracking glasses

Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab

We created our psychology labs to give our students and researchers a space to apply theory to research, analyse complex data and unravel the mysteries of the brain.

To help us understand human behaviour, we’ve invested in a range of equipment that tracks eye movements, measures physiological responses, and explores the use of Virtual Reality.

If you would like to collaborate with us, use our facilities, or hire us as consultants email  psychologylab@bnu.ac.uk.

Our Equipment and Facilities


Our lab facilities include a dedicated space for psychology students and staff to carry out research and teaching. This includes our:

  • psychology laboratory (this houses five experimental cubicles)
  • psychology simulation and observation suite
  • psychology seminar room.

We also have access to computer labs for teaching students how to use specialist software packages for data analysis, such as SPSS.


Eye-tracking provides a non-invasive insight into the workings of the mind. It helps researchers explore how we process information in the lab and the real world.

To track eye movements and gaze, we have a mobile screen and Tobii Pro laptop-based eye-tracker, as well as Tobii portable glasses. These help us quantify visual processing in a variety of contexts and real word situations.

Our team explore how we can apply eye-tracking technology to address key questions in a range of applied areas, including:

  • education
  • sport and performance
  • music psychology
  • investigative and forensic psychology
  • health.

For more information on eye-tracking consultancy, or research opportunities, talk to Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe.


Our HTC Vive Virtual Reality equipment gives us the chance to incorporate VR into our teaching and research. We use VR to explore a range of areas – from performance anxiety to exceptional human experiences.


Our lab facilities give students the chance to monitor a range of physiological responses via BioPac student lab, including:

  • EEG – brain activity
  • ECG – cardiovascular activity
  • EMG – skeletal muscle activity
  • EOG – eye-movements
  • EDA - conductivity of the skin
Schools and Outreach

Our labs are home to research-grade facilities that provide hands-on opportunities to engage with the practical elements of psychology. We can offer bespoke on-site sessions in our labs for A-level students, as well as providing guest speakers for schools and events.

Our team can run sessions on a whole host of topics, including:

  • cognition
  • psychology of creativity
  • forensic and criminal psychology
  • positive psychology
  • sports psychology.

For more information, email psychologylab@bnu.ac.uk.