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Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2002, I was a placement facilitator with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust (now a foundation Trust). Before that I worked as a Charge Nurse in Prospect Park Hospital.

I studied for my Whipps Cross School of Nursing Diploma in Nursing/Registered Mental Health Nurse, Thames Valley University (now the University of West London) Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Reading Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and education of Health and Social Workers, Buckinghamshire New University Masters in Education and Masters of the Sciences in Applied Positive Psychology and my specialist area of interest/research is acute mental health care, developing and maintaining the therapeutic relationship, use of technology in helping those with mental health issues, child/family mental health especially in education, supporting students especially those with a disability, positive health in mental health care especially in the areas of self compassion, emotional health and strengths based supervision, personality disorders and autism. I It is interesting because my areas of interest are based on my own personal history, where I have worked and continue to be successful.

I am a member of Nursing and Midwifery Council, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority, Mental Health Nurse Academic UK, Mental Health First Aid network and Strengthscope Practitioner.

My specialist knowledge has led me to work with Health Education England on projects such as how to support student nurses during the pandemic. To help produce a book called Living with Fear Reflections on Covid-19 (where I also contributed three chapters) and writing a chapter on autism for Mental Health and Well-being in the Learning and Teaching Environment.

My greatest accolade to date/My career highlight is I have served on the English National Board’s Mental Nursing and Learning Disabilities Committees. I further worked with Thames Valley Regional Health Authority in projects to support learners in practice and to facilitate learners across health professions, including doctors, speech and language therapists, occupational and physiotherapists, social workers and nurses across fields. I have presented at international research conferences (International Mental Health Nurse Researchers; European Network of Irlen Diagnosticians; European Network of Positive Psychologist Conference and I have run and presented at Nurses Mentorship Conference and Autism Awareness Conferences. Further I have presented at teaching conferences too.