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BNU installs industry leading Dolby Atmos sound equipment to boost student experience

Music students at Buckinghamshire New University will benefit from new state of the art technology used by giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple Music.

The University has this year invested in the top of the line equipment, putting the School of Creative and Digital Industries at the forefront of recording, mixing and mastering technology.

BNU is one of the first universities in the UK to install the equipment, providing students with hands-on experience of the newest techniques in the business and a knowledge advantage when they embark on their careers.

Senior Lecturer Dr Gerard Gormley said: “We are extremely excited by the recent installation of a Dolby Atmos system in one of our recording studios. It is a burgeoning technology, and the recent acquisition puts us in a prime position to teach our students about the latest innovative developments in the world of audio, which will better prepare them for new roles within the creative industries once they graduate.”

Third-year student, Sophia Sanghera, said: “Having the suite at the university has enhanced both my learning and development as an aspiring producer as using the latest industry standard equipment provides me with the tools and experience I need to keep up with the developing industry. Working within Dolby Atmos has allowed me to take my creativity to the next level and experience the best there is to offer in the increasingly popular realm of surround sound.”

Dolby Atmos is a suite of tools and technology for the creation, transportation, and reproduction of sound in all axes. Audio is created and transmitted as objects, instead of traditional channels, unlocking the ability to pan audio fully in three-dimensional space.

This means that unlike traditional surround sound, where audio is placed along one axis between left and right speaker, Dolby Atmos allows sound to be positioned anywhere in a 360-degree space, creating a more authentic, ‘real-life’ quality to audio.

The new system was installed by pro-audio technology specialists HHB and is soon to be visited by Dolby to receive certification as a ‘Dolby Atmos Studio’.


Two people facing away from camera using Dolby studio equipment