Nadina Edouard's story

Nadina Edouard's story

The skills I learned at BNU on my course and through the social and sporting aspects of University have helped shape me as an individual and in my career.

Buckinghamshire New University graduate Nadina Edouard counts herself lucky as she thrives in her career as a private events manager and artist booker at ALR Music - having taken a bold and exciting career path.

Multi-talented Nadina, who graduated in BA (Hons) Music Industry Management & Studio Production in 2009, took to the stage at the judges houses stage of The X Factor in 2013 as part of a vocal harmony group XYRA.

She has since swapped the stage for her role at ALR Music, a London-based bespoke music agency arranging innovative musicians for events.

She has worked with hugely talented  musicians from Jess Glynn’s horn section and Adele’s backing singer to the Dover Street Art’s Club original house band The Soul Jets.

Nadina leaning on a table with large pink and purple flowers behind her

Nadina said: “I count myself lucky as it is a very satisfying job and working with high-calibre musicians makes it easy to guarantee incredible results.

“We are a small team which I love as it is a great working dynamic but also makes it possible for your creative input to be heard and to learn directly from our managing director, plus we get to work on some really interesting and exciting events!”

Nadina’s job involves artist liaison, event management, and client negotiation.

“We book our bands and bespoke music acts for events globally and manage the coordination of these from start to finish, As many of our clients are booking for personal events such as weddings and private parties it requires a great deal of compassion and understanding so the job tests a broad range of skills.”

Nadina said the variety of areas studied in her degree at Buckinghamshire New University had helped her in her role.

She said: “It was such a diverse course and allowed me to learn so much about a variety of areas within the music industry, from entertainment law, marketing, event and stage management to music production and artist management.

“In the years after BNU I myself have been an artist, presenter, freelance events coordinator and now a private events manager and artist booker. The skills I learned at BNU on my course and through the social and sporting aspects of University have helped shape me as an individual and in my career."

Nadina had initially pursued roles as an artist and presenter after graduating.

She said: “I interviewed artists on the red carpet at the Asian Music Awards, interviewed designers for London Fashion Week, hosted for Superyacht and Supercar shows and more.

“In my music career I was a singer-songwriter lucky enough to tour in Europe with a girl group soon after I left BNU.

"I then had a stint working on solo material before joining a vocal harmony group which saw us managed by Crown Talent Group and getting through to the judges’ house stage of The X Factor. Around three years ago I wanted to change my focus on the business side of music so moved away from the stage and focused on a career in the music business. Now, here I am.”

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