A woman dancing in a nightclub surrounded by four others also dancing to music

The Big Deal

The Big Deal

There’s more to university than just your time in the classroom. It’s the time to form friendships that last a lifetime, grow your confidence and enhance your skills through new experiences.

BNU is the only university in the UK to offer FREE access to a huge range of activities and opportunities to enrich your time with us. We call this The Big Deal!

Run by the Students’ Union, the Big Deal gives you FREE access not only to our Students’ Union’s events and entertainment, but a huge range of competitive and recreational sport; skill workshops, CV building activities and of course our societies.

A guitarist playing under strobe lighting in a concert at an event organised by Bucks Students' Union
FREE events and entertainment

Whether your thing is live music and comedy or exclusive club nights and cultural events, our varied and vibrant entertainment programme will have something for you. Based in our award-winning and inclusive venues, you have full free access so you never have to miss a thing!

two students in a shared kitchen making spaghetti dinner
FREE recreational activities

From singing lessons, theatre trips, cookery and language classes or learning how to be a fire performer, our free recreational activities give you the opportunity to socialise with likeminded people or just to try something that you have always fancied.

Three BNU students stood posing for a photo in the woods whilst holding a metal detector
FREE societies

University is the best place to find people just like you and explore a special interest. There’s nowhere better than a society. From faith and community to academic and physical activities, you’ll find an eclectic list of societies for you to join, all completely free.

Three BNU footabllers celebrate scoring a goal. One players gives another a piggy back and then goes to hug the third person
FREE sports

Getting in shape isn’t the only reason to play sport. It can give you more confidence as well as communication and leadership skills. As part of the Big Deal, you get the chance to play competitive sport in around 25 different teams in a wide variety of disciplines. Our Sport for Fun is for those that don’t want to compete and just want to have fun and stay active.

A BNU student with his hands on a dummies chest, learning to give CPR.
FREE additional skills workshops

When you leave with your degree, we want you to stand out from the crowd. We will make sure you are ‘work ready’ by providing a whole host of other skills and experiences that complement your degree and provide you with the transferable skills that employers are looking for. Look out for free certificated courses, training programmes and taster sessions.

group of freshers helpers dancing outside the gateway building
REWARDED student reps

Not only does the Big Deal include free activities, you can even make some extra cash by becoming a student rep. It’s also a chance to bridge the gap between student and the University and initiate real change. In return, you’ll get the support and guidance to boost your employability and leadership skills. It may even lead to other paid opportunities in the future.

During my time at BNU, I took part in almost everything I could possibly do within the Students’ Union. I was a member of the Cheerleading teams, Yoga Society and Ballet Society, and took part in a whole range of additional skills sessions and recreational activities. During an interview, talking about the many training sessions and activities I participated in, impressed my future employer so a big thanks to Bucks Students’ Union for these amazing opportunities.

Emily Platts, BNU graduate