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Studying law offers a means to contribute to one of the most vital aspects of modern society: justice.

Whether you want to get involved in actively holding people to account for their actions, protecting the innocent, or using your knowledge of law to advise businesses on their obligations, there are many ways to begin a law-based career that serves society and satisfies your interests.

At Bucks, we offer a diverse array of law courses, including LLBs and broader degrees, that will prepare you practically and academically for a career in and outside the legal profession.

Our tutors draw on their backgrounds as academics and practitioners, adding depth and breadth to our courses. You will benefit from access to our wealth of industry contacts and our alliance with professional bodies.

Above all, we are committed to nurturing your development while you’re with us, to develop the skills and capabilities you need to excel in your working life.

Did you know?
  • With our convenient position in the Thames Valley, our students have easy access to London and regional areas for law events, work opportunities and placements during the holidays.
  • Our active Student Law Society and Mooting Society organises many legal and social events, and students regularly take part in national mooting competitions.
  • With smaller, more intimate, class sizes, our staff can spend focused time with each student, nurturing their development and skills.
  • Particular to the study of law is a high level of research and communication skills. These competencies are developed as students progress through their course, and they become adept in areas such as legal debating, interviewing and mediation.
Our approach

Students develop their knowledge of all aspects of law through interactive lectures and seminars, and supplement this with independent study.

We teach students to analyse legal principles and apply them to practical situations. They learn to assess competing arguments and choose appropriate courses of action, while group work and moots (pretend courts) hone their verbal arguing and presentation skills. They also pick up high-level skills in communication, analysis and research.

Using exams, moots, presentations and coursework, we evaluate students’ knowledge and analysis of legal principles and different areas of law. We test their ability to carry out effective research, use source material, assess arguments and potential conclusions, and work successfully in a team.

Alongside this, we help students find work experience suited to their interests, and organise talks by outside speakers, to give them a true insight into life in the legal industry.

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