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A headshot of Business academic Uchenna Nweke

Uchenna Nweke


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2022, I had a background in teaching and the charity sector. My teaching experience includes five years as a lecturer in the Business School of Abia State University Nigeria, where I obtained my MBA, and two years as a HE lecturer in Business at Langley College, UK. 

My charity sector experience spans over 20 years as a senior leader in the Independent Church Sector (ICS) in both Denmark and the UK. Since 2014, I have been conducting management reviews in the sector, and my PhD programme in Business and Management at Buckinghamshire New University was sparked by interest in the organisational performance and accountability of ICS entities. Specialist knowledge gained from the study, led to the establishment of the Knowledge Exchange Centre for the Independent Church Sector (KECICS). KECICS partners with key actors in the ICS to engage in research and impact activities.

I am a member of the Chartered Management Institute and a fellow of HEA. Career highlights include collaborating with colleagues from across the UK HE Sector in the design and implementation of culturally responsive learning environments, particularly at the graduate level. In 2022, I co-authored a GUildHE report on understanding the lived experience of students from ethnic minority backgrounds in postgraduate research. The report, as well as being well-received in the HE sector, provided an opportunity to lead a presentation at the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) Annual Conference 2022. This was followed by a workshop presentation on belonging in postgraduate research organised by UKCGE in 2023.