Staff Profile

Medha Verma

Dr. Medha Verma


Before I joined Buckinghamshire New University in 2023, I worked as a Registered Nurse (Adult) in elderly care in the UK. I have invested most of my career in nursing education for more than 14 years. I started as a clinical educator after my graduation and continued to work as a nurse educator after I attained my M.Sc. degree in Critical Care Nursing. I continued my journey in education as I successfully conducted a one-year Diploma course in Critical Care Nursing at a tertiary care hospital. Additionally, I continued to be part of the education team at the hospital conducting classes and teaching clinical skills in the Critical Care Units. I have been experimental with my role as a nurse. I switched some roles including Occupational Health and worked as Senior Manager in a start-up to develop hybrid learning courses for nurses where I supervised a team of professionals on various nursing education projects.

I pursued PhD in nursing as I wanted to continue my professional development. My area of work was nursing informatics. I have been part of the editorial team of an international online journal in nursing informatics. I collaborated with a colleague on a book for a better understanding of the subject. I have actively contributed to nursing informatics recently through publications and oral presentations. I have also authored a blog ‘Nursing professionals in Health IT: A Dream to Dream. Nursing informatics, burnout among health professionals and elderly care are my key areas of interest.

My career highlight to date has been managing a Diploma in Critical Care Nursing independently and being able to author books on burnout syndrome and nursing informatics.