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Dr Constantina Lazaridou


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2022, I was a Postgraduate Teaching Associate at the University of Birmingham, teaching seminars in Criminal Law and EU Law. I was also an Associate Lecturer with Oxford Brookes University, assisting in Tort law and Criminal law. Finally, I was concurrently completing my PhD in EU Law. Prior to this I have also worked as a litigation lawyer at a law firm in Cyprus, where I also completed my pupillage.

My specialist area of research is European Union law and more specifically the way the ECJ treats the interactions between economic freedoms and fundamental rights. By analysing the tools that the ECJ applies in such cases, as well as the trends and hierarchies deriving from the jurisprudence, my research further intends to find a resolution regarding the relationship of the two principles and help deliver the missing legal certainty, since currently the ECJ’s jurisprudence remains inconsistent on the matter, leading to a lack of sufficient legal guidance. This will also in turn achieve sufficient protection for both principles, achieving more just rulings for Union citizens whose varying interests clash and are unsure as to the availability and type of legal solutions for this. I am currently working on publishing these findings.

I am a member of the HEA, as an associate fellow. I am also a member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

My specialist knowledge has led me to present my research findings at various conferences around Europe, including the Institute of European Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark as well as around the UK.