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Ms Ann Sebastian Edassery


I have always been interested with working in critical care areas of patient care and to impart the knowledge gained to future learners. I started my Nursing career with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from University of Calicut, India, and thereafter, I did my master’s in Nursing (Critical Care). I have been awarded a postgraduate certificate in ‘Management of critically ill patients’ from University of East Anglia, UK. I have been a registered Nurse with NMC since 2018 and since, have also been a member of the Royal College of Nursing.

Teaching has been my passion, and my priority is to improve student performance with an individualistic approach. While working with the NHS, I have had opportunity to be a practice supervisor and practice assessor for nursing students. I have also worked as a lecturer in the past, giving me experience in curriculum and lesson planning along with innovative styles for teaching and assessment.

I have been part of the research project – ‘dual-role model’ introduced by St. Johns Academy of Health and Allied Sciences, which allowed teaching faculty to work with ward managers in hospital to promote teaching/research in clinical practice. Also, I was part of the PNA (Professional Nurse advocate) team with ICU at West Hertfordshire NHS trust, which was introduced during the Covid pandemic. I supported nurses in understanding their challenges at the workplace and deliver quality improvement initiatives in response.

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  • Senior Lecturer
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