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Anca Albani Ph.D


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2023, my role as Ph. D Senior Lecturer in Set, Costume Design and Making at National University of Arts Bucharest, School of Set & Costume design, have contributed to positive changes and team successes by assuming academic-related strategic leadership responsibilities in relation to key aspects of teaching and learning support. 

I am the designer of over 40 distinct shows of set and costume productions for opera, theatre, puppetry, curator for over 20 video projection designs, and event director. I am an outspoken advocate of new technologies in Arts, Design, Textile and Costume Design. Research enhances my practice. An exploration of the intersection of Art, Environmental Science, and Education shows that an artist is also a researcher.

In addition, I have participated in symposiums and public discussions in the countries of Romania, Italy, Prague and United Kingdom.  

My career is focussing to develop a new digital illustration course curriculum for costume design and environment by using iterative technology like motion sensors and integration of high-tech, to continuously develop research theory. 

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  • Senior Lecturer
Course Leader