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What to expect from your first week at BNU

What to expect from your first week at BNU

You may think that university is all about studying hard and spending lots of time in the library – that is true! However, no one expects that from you in your first week! 

You are allowed to have fun and time to settle in as for most students, this is their first time away from home! Once the drop off and goodbyes from parents have been said, students tend to excitedly decorate their rooms as they prepare for the fun year ahead! There are plenty of student ambassadors on hand ready to help settle into student halls and to make everyone feel welcome.

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Student Events and Societies

As people eagerly get to know each other, many decide on attending Fresher’s events together as a big group! At Bucks, we are part of The Big Deal which means all of the events run by the Students' Union are absolutely FREE for students! Many take advantage of the great variety held during Fresher’s fortnight, with themed nights every day such as Toga parties and Fresher’s Ball, with the appearance of celebrity guests!

Another great thing students find is the number of clubs and societies they can join! During Fresher’s week, all of the societies are showcased at a fair in the library and students are able to sign up to as many as they want! These include sports activities, first aid training – and even dog petting societies! The best thing about societies at Bucks is that if there is not one you are interested in; you are able to form your own – and even get funding for it provided by the Students' Union!

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Explore the great facilities

Many students will also be learning about the great facilities we have situated on our campuses such as the Gateway Gym, how to use the library and where the SU bar is!

Settle into your course

Aside from all the fun and events you will be enjoying during your first week at uni, this is also used as an opportunity to settle into your course and understand how it will be run throughout the year. Each course will have a welcome talk and a more detailed discussion on how to make the most out of your year academically. Many courses will even arrange fun icebreaker activities such as bowling to help you get to know your cohort better!

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Everyone has a different and unique university experience, some cannot be more eager to start this new adventure, whereas others can feel a little overwhelmed from such a big change. Whatever it could be, there are tonnes of student ambassadors here to help at any time! Our aim is for everyone to have the best experience possible – before you know it, you will be graduating!