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5 tips for your first weeks at BNU

5 tips for your first weeks at BNU

My name is Candela, I'm a third year Business and Psychology student at Bucks.

You will have heard lots of different stories about the university, campus, student life, exams, scholarships, the list goes on! However, now is the time for you to live this experience for yourself. You’re probably feeling a mix of nerves and excitement but don’t worry, I’ve prepared 5 tips to help you get through your first weeks at university.

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1 - Take a tour of the campus

The thought of getting lost on campus is a very daunting feeling, however this doesn’t have to happen! Get to know the campus and its different areas, you can even take a virtual campus tour! Ask a fresher's helper to show you around or even grab your new flatmates and have a wander. As simple as it seems, research in advance which part of the campus your classrooms are in.

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2 - Don't miss the first few days!

The first few days at Bucks are usually spent on introductions and presentations which are key to your university journey. In your first few days you'll meet more new people and get important information from lecturers about your new course.

3 - Organise your time

Now that you’re at the beginning of your course, it’s a good idea to draw up a schedule and organise a routine with classes, study hours and time for other activities. Organisation is the key to success and keeping your planner up to date can save you a lot of trouble when exam season comes around.

4 - Get involved in University activities

University is much more than just classes and exams. Bucks offers multiple possibilities for both academic and personal development. Find out about the different projects, groups and societies the Students’ Union have on. This is a great way to gain new skills, meet new people outside the classroom and have fun!

5 - Embrace diversity

When you start at BNU, you will meet people of all ages, races, nationalities, and ideologies. The university strives to offer an equal experience to all its students and this will give you the opportunity to learn as much as possible from others. Here is a video which shows me and my friends discussing where we're from and how we found settling into life at BNU.