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A week in the life of a Psychology student

A week in the life of a Psychology student

My day starts off like most student’s days, I wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for lessons.

However, when I get to uni is when the exciting stuff happens. As a psychology student I have three different types of ‘lessons’; lectures, seminars and workshops. Often, I start my week off with lectures in various modules where I learn the theory from a team of amazing teachers. We have access to the slides before the lectures so we can print them out or download them to make note taking easier. Don’t worry about the notes too much though. After lectures I usually have a break during which I love going to the Beats cafe for a nice coffee to get some more energy for the rest of the day!


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After lectures, depending on the day, I usually either have a seminar or a workshop session. Remember when I wrote to not worry too much about notes? Well seminars are the reason why! I like to make small notes in lectures because in seminars the lecturers always go through what we did in lectures but with a bit more detail and they expand on the material.

Female lecture with male student talking about  work at desk

I really enjoy the seminars as they are incredibly interactive, and I make sure to ask questions whenever I’m not sure about something.

However, days when we have workshops are my favourite. This is where I get to put my skills to the test. I know not many people enjoy maths but the research methods workshops are definitely the highlight of my day. I get to learn the theory and put it all into practise immediately with the teacher there to help.

Psychology is a great subject, but it requires a lot of research, which is why when I get home from classes I like to look over the notes and research various articles and journal entries about particular topics we discussed. That usually takes me a couple of hours but in between doing some further reading I always get some nice warm tea; nothing helps more with studying than tea.

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I also give my assignments a go. Starting them earlier is very beneficial, I have found that it helps me identify areas which I might need a bit more support with, either from my lecturers or the amazing student learning and achievement team.

Studying the whole day might be a bit tiring and, let’s be honest, can get a little bit boring. Luckily, the Students’ Union always has something going on. Going out with friends is a fun way to end the day and give yourself a break. You don’t want to overwork yourself, it’s important to take breaks and have time for some socialising and having some fun!