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Meeting fellow students on Unibuddy Community

Meeting fellow students on Unibuddy Community

At the beginning of March, I was pulled into a discussion about joining the Unibuddy Community. It was explained to Student Ambassadors that we would become part of an online community that helped potential and new students get acquainted with student ambassadors and join discussions about the University, such as finding out who your flatmates are, who your classmates are and potentially talking to current students that had insight into courses, societies, accommodation etc.

This community was created to help new students get acquainted with the next 3–4 years of their academic lives. When I heard this, I immediately put my name down to help out. I was already on Unibuddy to help potential students with their enquiries, and using the community gave me the chance to talk to the new students that would be joining in September 2023.

So, what is the Unibuddy Community and how can it help you? Glad you asked.

Lecturer talking to students in classroom
five students in lecture theatre

Talking to fellow students

As the only Student Ambassador studying on the BA (Hons) Photography course, I am a valuable member on the platform for any potential Photography students starting in September, I can assist with questions, particularly when the summer work has been released. To be honest, when I first started back in 2020, I was so overwhelmed on what I had to do before starting, with my dyslexia making it difficult for me to understand what was written on paper, and it overwhelmed me. 

Back then there wasn't anyone on the photography course because it was brand new. Everything went well for me as I was able to email the assistant course leader and ask if we could discuss it on a phone call/video chat, and everything was explained to me better.

But using the Unibuddy platform I am able to help out any way I can, even if it's just explaining a little bit about the process. I'm happy to help and that goes for anyone on this platform on other courses, talk to your upperclassman, ask for their help because I can guarantee it will be worth your while.

Group chats

Our friends over in the digital department have created group chats for everything you might need to talk about.

A few examples include:

  • Accommodation
  • Courses
  • Campuses
  • Students’ Union

These group chats are there to help you get your questions answered, whether it be from the many of Student Ambassadors or university staff members. For example, when joining the accommodation chat you can talk with Javi Alonso, who is the Senior Accommodation Officer, you can either message him on the accommodation group chat or you can send him a message directly.

Students on gateway concourse in sunshine
library gateway building

Getting to know your classmates and flatmates

When I first started university, it was hard to find out who I was going to be studying alongside for the next 3 years, or even who I'd be living with for the first year. When it came to Facebook groups, I only found 2 people on my course and no one who I was going to be living with.

It was hard to see what the next couple of years were going to look like, and really wish this community was available to me back then. But no need to fear, you can use it now and from what I've seen from the community so far, many people are bonding over the courses that they are going to be studying and who they will be living with. It’s nice to form these bonds because I can say for certain, I won't forget the friendships I've made during my academic career at BNU.

Take advantage

I would recommend that everyone should take full advantage of this platform and what it offers.