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Dr Nicholas Day


I started working as an Associate Lecturer for Buckinghamshire New University in 2014, shortly after finishing my Computing Degree with The University the year before. I started delivering the introductory programming modules on our Computing courses alongside starting my PhD, under the supervision of Dr Richard Mather, Dr Kevin Maher and Richard Jones.

I completed my Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in 2015 and gained membership of AdvanceHE (previously HEA), which provides valuable insight into best practices for teaching and learning in Higher Education. In 2016, I started delivering computer programming courses in partnership with Dr Vasos Pavlika at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education.

I completed my PhD in March 2020, awarded through Coventry University. My specialist area of research is Computer Science Education Research (CSEd) and pedagogical innovation in HE. Immediately after completing my PhD, I began applying my research findings in the development of recorded video resources and online teaching sessions in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

View my Research Repository here.