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Dr Anh Nghiem


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2022, I was teaching marketing and business-related subjects at University of the West of England (UK), UWE Bristol International College – Kaplan Pathway (UK), Latrobe University (Australia) and Troy University (USA) partnership programs and Hanoi University (Vietnam) since 2011.

I studied for my PhD in Marketing at University of the West of England and MSc in Marketing at Exeter University (UK). My specialist area of interest is social marketing, social media, consumer behaviour and social and cultural theories. It is interesting because marketing is powerful not just for the commercial world but also for influencing consumer behaviour for society and public interests. Especially, with the help of social media and new technologies and the understanding of social and cultural differences, marketers can tailor and adapt the campaigns effectively and efficiently in this ever-changing world.

Prior coming to the UK for my PhD study and focusing on the academic career in 2015, I had years of professional experience working in various senior and management positions in education and marketing, with hand-on experience in strategic marketing planning, partnership development, organising and implementing the marketing plan, managing employees and developing social media campaigns.

My career highlight was recruiting more than 100 of students to study undergraduate and postgraduate degree in English-speaking countries and cooperating with wide ranges of local and international partners for a newly established educational firm within 12 months of launching.