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5 reasons why I chose to study acting at BNU

5 reasons why I chose to study acting at BNU

Film, TV & Stage

The acting course at BNU is very versatile, in that a lot of acting courses just focus primarily on Stage but here there is a focus on TV and film as well. You’ll delve into specified modules delivered by experienced lecturers, using state-of-the-art equipment. I wanted to study at BNU for the very reason that is does both, as usually it is quite common in educational settings to not look at camera/ radio work and just focus on theatre.


Recording a scene on a green screen background


I wanted to move somewhere for university that would be good for my degree but also for myself; being based in High Wycombe is perfect because it is a relatively small town, it’s quiet, and everything is close together. There are plenty of good transport links here to Oxford, Henley, Watford, Reading and London, giving you some easy access to explore places close by and some very good links to the theatre scene.


South Wing of High Wycombe Campus


At BNU, there is a focus on practical courses, with an aim to get ready to work in your degree sector, having lessons and working in industry settings. The Uni itself has a black box style theatre and studios, vocal booths and camera equipment which we have access to when we need it. In addition to this my course consists of smaller lecture/workshop group settings for a more personal experience of teaching during sessions.


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A lot of courses like mine advertised in universities, or drama schools can have a lot of contact hours and fixed modules. However, my course at BNU has around 13 hours of scheduled contact time and we have numerous optional modules which you can choose from in 2nd year and control where you would like to specialise. I find that this flexibility means I have more say over my schedule; of course you have to spend more than 13 hours on your degree within a week but we are able to adapt our schedules for other things such as a part-time job and going away.


Drama studio

Interview Day

For a number of people one of the biggest things when they make their decision for university is about getting a feel for the place when you’re actually there and I have to say this was definitely the case for me. Open days are definitely a good thing for this, but I personally found my interview day is where I made my decision and how I felt about it all. We met one of our Senior Lecturers in the main building who came and took us all for a little introduction before we had some talks with him. We took part in workshops and had our auditions and interviews at the end. It was very hands-on, and after the day was over, I knew I wanted to study at BNU. I felt comfortable and I really liked the vibe of the place. The lecturers were really nice and knowledgeable, and they intrigued me, the whole thing intrigued me.


Young adult being interviewed by two people in a private office