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Rob Penhaligon


I joined Buckinghamshire New University in 2015 to set up a degree course that would provide high quality training for those looking to break into in digital entertainment industries. Since then many of our graduates have gone on to take up positions at many top companies, including ILM, MPC, DNEG and Ubisoft. Prior to this I worked as a lecturer in computer science, as a Head of School of an IT and maths department, and as a freelancer in 3D environments.

I studied for my MA in politics and History at The University of Edinburgh, my MSc in computer science at the University of Bath and my MSc in advanced multimedia and 3D technologies at Brunel University.  

I am currently undertaking a PhD in digital media at the University of Surrey. For this I am researching the use of artificial intelligence in assisting the creation of 3D environment art for use in games and visual effects.

My specialist knowledge has led me to work on creating 3D environment concepts for shows looking for funding, and some of these have gone onto air on platforms such as Amazon Prime.