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Mariya Shah


My career started in community pharmacy, becoming a pharmacist store manager. I decided to move on to primary care at a GP practise to further develop my clinical knowledge and undertake my non-medical prescribing course. I joined Buckinghamshire New University in 2020 to follow my passion for teaching.

I currently work both as a senior lecturer and primary care pharmacist, allowing me to keep in touch with the world of prescribing. I have worked as a remote prescribing pharmacist in the past to develop my understanding of the ever-changing consultation styles and new ways of improving patient care. 

I studied for my Master’s in Pharmacy at Portsmouth University and my specialist area of interest is respiratory and minor illness. My specialist knowledge has led me to work with many different styles of primary care teams such as remote GP practices, private GP and NHS GP practices on projects such as developing e-consults for patients and prescribing protocols.

Job Title

  • Senior Lecturer