Jason Doe design sketch

GTR History Month: Final year Fashion Design student Jason shares his final collection inspired by Gypsy tradition

Gypsy, Traveller and Roma (GTR) History Month is recognised each June in the United Kingdom, with people around the country coming together to celebrate the culture and contributions of GTR communities.

Final year Fashion Design student Jason Doe sat down to talk about his final collection, which was inspired by traditional Gypsy dress, and what GTR History Month means to him.

Jason said: “Representation means everything. Thank you to BNU for talking about this and raising awareness.”


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BNU is very proud to celebrate and support the varied and valued contributions the GTRSB communities make to higher education and British culture. 

In January 2021, the University launched the GTRSB into Higher Education Pledge to encourage other universities, colleges or educational institutions to support GTRSB community members into and within higher education. Supported by GTRSB university graduates, NGOs, and education policy specialists, the Pledge sets out to deliver effective practice and create an open and welcoming environment where members of the communities can thrive at their institution. 

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment, a GTRSB student bursary was introduced in 2020 to further encourage and support members of these communities in accessing higher education. This is in addition to the support already offered with accommodation, assistance with university applications, and providing mentorship throughout a student's studies. 

BNU has committed to continue to enhance the culture and environment by working in partnership with GTRSB students, colleagues and broader networks.