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Creative Advertising - Interview and Portfolio Tips

Creative Advertising - Interview and Portfolio Tips

To get on to your chosen course you have to be interviewed by the head of the school your course is in or one of the lecturers. This can be daunting if you’ve never done something like this before or you don’t know what to bring. Here are some top tips if you have been invited for a Creative Advertising interview.

Get Creative

Creative Advertisement is about thinking outside of the box to create great campaigns, visuals and copy. With this in mind, get creative! Show the lecturers a portfolio of unique work and the planning behind it. A portfolio can include anything you may consider creative, from sculpting, article writing, photography and drawing to poetry, doodles, blogs and film projects - the madder the better! Also a ‘portfolio’ can be anything from a sketchbook, homemade magazine, film or animation. Don’t let conditional rules hold you back.

Creative Advertising studio with students operating cameras and lighting
Know a bit of background

Obviously no-one expects you to know the whole history of advertisement, but it’s always good to keep in mind your favourite ads and what agency made them. Also check out relevant books, get on google, or even ask your parents, what ads do they remember and why?

Sell yourself

If you want to get into advertisement you need to be able to sell a story and brand. Think of yourself in the same way, what’s your story? If you’re a social wiz, film maker, avid writer, part-time doodler or even an ideas creator, these are all relevant to creative advertisement. Get chatting to students and lecturers, a good impression can go a long way.

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Ask questions

A lesson you learn throughout the course is asking why and being curious is key to succeeding and pushing your ideas. Why wait, start now and get the answers you want to know.

Be yourself

Advertising agencies are full of diverse and creative people. That doesn’t change in the classroom either, be yourself, have fun and enjoy the next three years! They will be the best you’ve ever had.