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Thomas Toscano


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2008, I was a social worker and transition project manager, working with children and adults with learning disabilities.

I studied for my master’s degree in social work at the University of Mumbai and my specialist area of interest is social work education and violent youth radicalisation. I am also interested in the personalisation agenda in adult social care. I find the personalisation agenda interesting because I am a believer in human rights and strive to promote freedom and choice.

I am registered as a social worker with Social Work England and I am a Fellow of the HEA.

My specialist knowledge has led me to work co-author a book on personalisation titled, “Personalisation for Social Workers: Opportunities and Challenges for Frontline Practice.” I have been part of an EU wide research project on violent youth radicalisation that looks at the Good Lives Model and positive psychology as effective ways of the issue. My interest in social work education prompted me to be involved in evaluating the biggest social work teaching partnership in England – North East Social Work Alliance.

View my Research Repository here.

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  • Associate Head of School
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