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Dr Harriet Berry


Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2021, I studied medicine at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2020. Following my graduation, I worked for the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on the COVID-19 Infection Survey during the greater part of the pandemic.

I chose not to go into clinical practice, but still wanted to use my clinical experience. This led me to consider a career in education. With my medical background, and the ever-changing role of nurses, I hope I can help students develop their skills and also give them greater insight into interdisciplinary teamwork.

Alongside my work at BNU, I have been working with Lipoedema UK to bring greater awareness of the condition to the healthcare profession. Most recently I have been working with the British Journal of Community Nursing, presenting at their Annual Lymphoedema Conferences in London and Manchester, sharing my experience of lipoedema from both healthcare professional and patient perspectives. My main focus was on the impact of lipoedema on patients’ mental health.

My other areas of interest include caring for patients identifying as transgender and non-binary and caring for mentally ill patients in the physical health setting.